Official introduction of the Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant

Today, Huawei has officially announced the Active and Elegant Variations of the Watch GT lineup. Both come with a few alterations to the design but include the same technology as the standard version.

At today’s Huawei event in Paris, the unveiling of the watches was widely anticipated to take place. They were introduced simultaneously with the Huawei P30 series and the newest FreeLace earbuds.

Both watches use the company’s own Lite OS, which is a lightweight operating system with fewer features that helps extend battery life. The watches are largely the same as the models from the previous year, although they have a more modern appearance.

The Watch GT Active has a new band design with new colors, such as orange and dark green, and a new bezel design with a distinctive pattern surrounding it. The other specifications are the same, so you still benefit from the normal Watch GT’s exceptional battery life of two weeks and the same 1.39-inch screen size. Additionally, the clock comes outfitted out of the box with a fresh triathlon events mode.

Elegant Huawei Watch GT The Watch GT Elegant comes with some more substantial alterations. To begin, given that it is marketed for ladies, it has a casing size of 42 millimeters and is offered in both black and white. The thickness of the other variations measures in at 46 millimeters. However, because of this, the device can only accommodate a smaller battery, which implies that the device’s battery life between charges will be approximately one week. The other distinction lies in the fact that the bezel of the Elegant model is made of ceramic rather than metal.

When it finally hits stores in the fourth quarter of this year, the Huawei Watch GT Active will be sold at a price of €249, while the elegant model can be purchased for €229. Both are priced marginally higher than the standard edition, which costs €199. Looking into the prices on Amazon

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