Redmi Watch 2 User Opinions and Reviews

Redmi Watch 2 User Opinions and Reviews

Redmi had made the announcement earlier. As was to be predicted, one of the most significant improvements is a more advanced and larger AMOLED display and an integrated GPS receiver. Pre-orders for the product can be placed now for approximately sixty dollars, and shipping will begin on November 11th.

To refresh your memory, Redmi is a subbrand of the wearable technology juggernaut that is Xiaomi. It focuses primarily on cellphones, specifically those in the more affordable price range. The group has been performing together for about ten years at this point.

Redmi made its debut in the world of wearable technology the year before last. It is doing so in the same manner as a significant number of other smartwatch makers, which have also taken this step.

Redmi Watch is a gadget that can be purchased for only $40 and comes with a color display that is 1.4 inches square. The item, which is rated to withstand 5 ATMs, comes with the essentials for activity tracking. This comprises the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned, and the heart rate, in addition to a breathing training feature. Additionally, there is an abundance of sports modes; nevertheless, there is no inbuilt GPS. The battery life lasts for around 5 days.

As was alluded to in the promotional posters that Redmi has been posting on Weibo over the past two weeks, the second-generation watch is now available for purchase. Today, at an event hosted by Redmi, the company made the announcement, unveiling the Note 11 handset and the Youth Edition of the Redmi Buds 3.

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The Technical Specifications of the Redmi Watch 2

At first sight, the Redmi Watch 2 does not appear to be all that unlike the first model; some people would even mistake it for an Apple Watch knockoff. There is no escaping the reality of the situation. Any watch with a square face will, without fail, be contrasted with the Apple Watch, regardless of whether or not this is a fair assessment. One may still find the one and only physical button on the Redmi Watch 2 on the watch’s right side, just as before. However, it is now situated closer to the watch’s center. A meager 31 grams is all that the device weighs.

The display has seen a significant amount of development. It has a diagonal measurement of 1.6 inches, bezels that are less thick, more vibrant colors, and a resolution of 320 by 360 pixels. In contrast to the original, which only had an IPS LCD, this one is AMOLED.

The improved screen technology actually leads to a longer battery life, which is quite counterintuitive. This is due to the fact that AMOLED displays require far less electricity than LCDs do. The watch has a battery life of up to 12 days between charges, which is significantly longer than the original watch’s capacity of only 9 days. This decreases to roughly a week when subjected to heavy use. In the same way as before, recharging is accomplished by a magnetic link.

Redmi Watch 2 is equipped with a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen sensor in addition to tracking exercise and sleep for a total of 24 hours a day. An Apollo 3.5 CPU powers it. Incorporating a GPS receiver inside the device is yet another significant advance. There is no question that this will improve the detection accuracy of its 117 different sports modes. NFC compatibility is included in this device that has a rating of 5 ATM.

Specifications on the Technical End

Build Polycarbonate (plastic)
Dimensions 39.1 x 34.4 x 9.98mm
Weight 31 grams (with the strap)
Display size 1.6 inches
Display type AMOLED
Display resolution 320 x 360 pixels
Water resistance 5 ATM
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, SpO2, ambient light sensor
Satellite connectivity GNSS (GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, GALILEO)
NFC For travel passes and access control
Sports modes 117 (with auto-detection for some)
Battery life Up to 12 days (225 mAh battery). 7 days with heavy usage, 8 hours with GNSS exercise tracking.
Operating system Customised RTOS
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Smartphone compatibility Android 5.0+; iOS 10.0+
Colors Elegant Black, Space Blue, Ivory White

Redmi Watch 2 – Its Pricing and Availability

The watch costs approximately CNY 299 (a little over $60), so significantly more than the earlier edition. This is already up for presales in China. At the start, the clock will be offered in an option among Elegant Black, Ivory, and Space Blue tones — with six choices for the TPU band. The reduced price is noticeably remarkable once you consider the built-in GPS. It is among the most inexpensive gadgets on the marketplace with this sort of capability.

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It will be fascinating to see if Redmi Watch 2 achieves broad global distribution. The original edition never reached all Amazon and other prominent stores in the US and Europe, while it is accessible to buy via AliExpress.

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