On April 29th, the Apple Watch challenge will need you to break out your dancing shoes

Polish your dancing shoes and get ready to party. Apple is getting ready to withdraw from another challenge. This is for International Dance Day on April 29th, which is this coming Friday.

This will be the second year in a row that participants can participate in the challenge. It’s possible that some of you are unaware that when Apple Fitness+ was introduced a while back, dancing routines were included as a separate category in the app.

According to information provided by Macrumors, in order to be eligible for the award in 2022, you will be required to perform a dance workout that lasts for at least 20 minutes or more on the special day. Always remember to report in the Workout app that you have completed the activity after you have finished it. You have the option of performing a stand-alone dance sequence or utilizing a dance routine that is included in Apple Fitness+.

The following is Apple’s explanation of the difficulty of the task:

It’s time to get down! You can get this award by doing a dance workout that is at least 20 minutes long on April 29, which is International Dance Day. Use the Workout app or any other app that uploads workouts to Health to keep track of your progress.

Those users of the Fitness app who are able to successfully finish the assignment will be rewarded with a medal in the app as well as some cool animated stickers. They may be utilized in the Messages app as well as the FaceTime app, as shown below. You might even be able to utilize them to learn some new dance moves!

 This reward will be delivered one week after the challenge that took place on April 22nd, which was Earth Day. On Earth Day, Apple Watch owners who are interested in entering this competition will need to record at least 30 minutes of exercise on their devices.

Recently, the organization has been particularly preoccupied with a number of issues. A difficulty related to International Women’s Day was recently brought to our attention. It was necessary for users to finish a workout that lasted at least twenty minutes.

While some of Apple’s challenges are only available in select areas, the two upcoming challenges in late April should be open to participants from all over the world.

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