On October 8th, Apple will begin accepting preorders for the new Series 7 Watch

A few weeks ago, Apple made the Series 7 Apple Watch available to the public. When we asked the corporation about it, they stated that availability will begin “later this Fall.” The specific day that you will be able to place a pre-order for it, as specified by Hermes, is the 8th of October. The smartphone comes with a display that is both larger and more resilient, but other than that, everything else is pretty much the same.

Hermes is the source of the information about the pre-order. They responded on Twitter with the following post in response to an inquiry from a user. It is vital to take note that this is the point at which pre-orders can be placed. Therefore, it is not the real date that the item will ship.

What’s different about the Apple Watch Series 7? 

A better, bigger, more robust display 

Altering the presentation was something that was always a possibility. On the other hand, there was speculation that the Series 7 will include flat edges, just like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pros. This turned out to be the wrong assumption. That settles that… according to the rumour mill, The watch maintains its classic appearance, although with corners that are softer and more rounded than before.

Apple claims that the latest models feature a screen area that is 20 per cent larger. The bigger display is made possible by the narrower bezels, which have been reduced to 1.7 millimetres in width, in addition to significantly increased size options. The screen has been expanded to take up almost the full front area. All of this is brighter by a factor of 70% compared to Series 6. Apps now have space for fifty per cent more text as a result of software that was improved.

Additionally, the screen is more resistant to cracking, making it more robust (50 per cent thicker than previous models). The watch has just been awarded the IP6X certification, which is intended for use in dusty situations. In addition to that, the WR50 rating for swimming is still intact.

Apple is making use of the increased screen real estate by introducing new methods to enter text into its products. You may now type on a complete keyboard by tapping or sliding the keys, and machine learning will make predictions about the words you are typing in real-time. Additionally, the interface design icons on the screen have been rethought and improved, and they are now larger. Additionally, the Series 7 comes with a variety of different watch faces, one of which displays the current time in many locations across the world.

There is reportedly going to be a new CPU released this year named S7, although it will be quite similar to S6. The life of the battery, which is around 18 hours, has not altered. Nevertheless, according to Apple, the watch can be charged 33 per cent quicker than on Series 6. And that it employs a modern USB-C cable that is capable of rapid charging.

The Series 7 is offered in two different sizes: 41mm and 45mm. This is a modest increase from the 40 and 44mm seen in earlier versions.

The basic model is available in five distinct colour options to choose from. They are depicted down here for your perusal.

Additional customization choices are available in the shape of casings made of aluminium, steel, or titanium, with varying prices for each material. If you have previous watch bands that you purchased, you will be pleased to learn that they are compatible with Series 7 watches.

When everything is taken into account, this year brings us an incrementally better update. There isn’t all that much to get worked up about here. Also, there is no new Watch SE, which means that two of the three versions that Apple is currently selling have not changed.

The price of a Watch Series 7 starts at $399. The price of the Watch SE will be $279, while the price of the Watch Series 3 will be $199.

The Apple Fitness+ app has been updated. 

Apple Fitness+ will now include these newly announced features. The number of countries in which users can use the service has increased from six to fifteen. Even though the workouts will be conducted in English, there will be captions provided in a variety of regional languages.

Pilates and guided meditations are both on the agenda for the expansion of Fitness+. Every week, there will be new workouts introduced, ranging from basic to intermediate levels. Meditation sessions such as Calm, Gratitude, and Kindness are stated as being available to participants.

In addition, Apple is providing routines that will assist you in getting ready for the winter season. These will help you improve your strength so that you can ski or snowboard for longer.

First time ever, we’re going to do some workouts with other people. You will be able to monitor not only your own workout numbers but also those of your buddies. The service may cater to a maximum of 32 people simultaneously.

WatchOS 8 and later iterations 

These alterations are in addition to whatever is included with the WatchOS8 update. This is the first time that breathing information may be recorded by an Apple device, which is a significant development from a medical perspective.

Bigger expansions are expected to arrive in 2022. According to an article published by Bloomberg, at that time we will see a version that is tougher for sportsmen who participate in extreme activities. That particular one might be utilised in harsh conditions. 

In order to do this, it would come with a more robust design that provides an increased level of protection.

Concerning the sensors, Apple intended to incorporate temperature monitoring technology into the Series 7 product. This seems to have been put off till Series 8 at this point. Having such technology available would be helpful in light of the epidemic. It’s possible that the much-anticipated non-invasive glucose monitoring won’t be available for another few years.

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