On September 4th, it will be an honour to host a news conference at IFA

At IFA 2020, Honor is going to reveal a few of its upcoming wearables and other electronic devices. The day of September 4 is set aside for a press conference that will be held by the corporation under the banner “Expand Your Smart Life.”

IFA 2020 will not follow the same format as past editions of the event. The wide spread of the coronavirus has compelled the organisers of Europe’s largest technology meeting to reconsider the convention’s structure. The conference will still take place (between the 3rd and 5th of September), but most of it will take place online, with just a select few locations offering physical space.

One of these will be set aside for the Global Press Conference that will be hosted by the IFA. Around 800 journalists are anticipated to be present in Berlin, and many more may be found online. Attending journalists will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with both exhibitors and subject matter specialists.

The press conference that Honor has said it would host will take place in Berlin on September 4th. The topic that will be discussed is “Expanding Your Smart Life.” The business has announced that it would be releasing a portfolio of goods, which will include “smart wearables, personal computers, and tablets,” but it has not provided any other information.

We do not have a clear idea of the Honor-branded smartwatches or activity trackers that might be available to us. The Honor Watch GS Pro has only just been awarded certification from the Economic Commission for Europe, making it a potential contender in this category. However, there is currently no information available on the device’s specifications.

Huawei Technologies owns the Honor brand. Honor is a smartphone operating system. Since its founding in 2013, the company has mostly concentrated on the production of reasonably priced smartphones. Wearable technology has been an increasingly important part of the industry over the past several years. There have been many versions of the Honor Band, in addition to the Honor Watch Magic and Honor Watch Magic 2, respectively.

The most recent entry on this list was made available in both the United States and Europe in the previous year. The device with an emphasis on fitness features a round screen and comes with a GPS that is integrated. Because the watch runs on the same LiteOS software that Huawei used for the Watch GT 2, its battery life is exceptional.

In a little under a month, we will get all the information on the newly released Honor wearables. Huawei, Realme, LG, and TCL are just some of the other companies in the wearable technology industry that are planning to be at IFA.

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