On Youtube, Garmin has posted a teaser for the Forerunner 45 Plus running watch

It appears that the company’s upcoming sports watch will be the Garmin Forerunner 45 Plus. It has been advertised on the websites of a few European stores, including Garmin UK, and it was teased on YouTube.

The functionality of this gadget will be comparable to that of its forerunner. It is designed for individuals who are interested in entering the world of racing watches on a budget without sacrificing functionality.

The improved version is expected to be released about one and a half years after the initial release. Although Garmin has not yet made any formal announcements, the company’s European YouTube page has already published an introduction video.

In addition to that, Garmin has made the user handbook available for download on its website. This is a consolidated document pertaining to both the 45 and the 45 Plus. As if that weren’t enough, several shops and Garmin themselves have already advertised the new watch on their own websites in the UK.

In terms of its specifications, much like the other PLUS versions, this one is an improved variant of the timepiece. To determine what sets the two products apart, you will need to go rather deeply into their respective specifications.

To begin, the bracelet and housing have been updated to a different colour, which helps the gadget stand out more than its predecessor did. The internal specifications, measurements, and everything else is all identical to one another. The inclusion of two brand-new functionalities is what makes this version distinct.

Forecast of the Race 

Once it has determined your VO2 max, your smartwatch will next utilise the data it has collected to make predictions about your race times. This may be shown for lengths of 5 kilometres, 10 kilometres, a half marathon, and a full marathon.

An Advisor on Recovery 

The Recovery Advisor is the more helpful of the two functions since it takes into account the amount of effort that you put into the most recent exercise and then recommends the number of hours of rest that you should have before beginning your next workout. This is a measurement that is offered by Firstbeat, and it is supported by them. To refresh your memory, Garmin has only lately acquired the Finnish company.

The product may presently be purchased in the United Kingdom from Argos for the price of £139.99, which is comparable to the price point of the product’s predecessor. It is also mentioned on the Garmin UK website, however, there is no pricing stated for it. The fact that all of the breaches have occurred on European sites suggests that the distribution may be restricted to only that region.

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