Online Merchants Have Begun Offering the Fitbit Charge 3, and the Price, as well as Other Details, Have Been Released

Regarding the forthcoming fitness band called the Fitbit Charge 3, we basically know just about everything there is to learn about that. But up to this point, all of these were just unsubstantiated rumours. A small amount of investigation, however, finds that the tracker is already beginning to show up in a variety of different retail outlets. While some of these advertisements have vanished entirely, others are still present.

According to the listings, there will be two different versions of the device: a standard one that does not include NFC for making payments, and a Special Edition that does include Fitbit Pay. The model with the reduced specifications will have a retail price of $150, which is the same as the one it replaces. The higher-end configuration will add about $20 to the total cost.

This will be a standard-issue event suitable for everyone. On the other hand, the Charge 3 will be packaged with not one but two bands, one small and one large. A comparable approach was taken by Fitbit with the creation of its Versa watch. You will also be able to buy extra bands and switch them out to make the tracker fit your needs.

An explanation can be found in one of the ads.

With the help of the Fitbit Charge 3, you may have a greater understanding of your physiology, your wellness, and your development. This smart activity tracker is resistant to water and can do far more than track footsteps; it can also track heart rate 24/7, calorie burn, more than 15 exercises, goal progress, and sleep, among other things. Every day, you’ll learn something new about your health, which will help you take steps toward self-improvement and the achievement of your goals.

The FITBIT TODAY Application

Get the push you need to stay on course towards your objectives with a daily panel that advises you to take part in physical activity, get hydrated, adhere to a sleep cycle, and more. This will ensure that you continue to make progress toward your goals.


Utilize your heart rate all the time to improve your ability to track calorie burn, enhance the effectiveness of your workouts, and discover health trends that motivate you to make progress toward your overall health and wellness. Real-time heart rate regions that allow you to determine if you are in the Peak, Fat Burn, or Cardio zone.

The listings include extensive information regarding the functions that monitor activity and calorie burn throughout the day. Charge 3 will track the number of steps you take, the distance you go, the number of floors you climb, the number of active minutes you log, and more. In addition, the device is based on the San Francisco company’s recent discoveries about how people sleep in detail. 

The device may monitor more than 15 different exercises immediately after being unpacked. The Charge 3 will have a water resistance of up to 50 meters, allowing you to use it not only in the shower but also in the pool and other environments. One of the 15 or more exercises on the list is swimming. However, there is no GPS. Don’t bother looking for it because it isn’t in that place. This was probably done by the corporation in an effort to keep the costs low.

Regarding its other features, the tracker will come equipped with a full-touch OLED display panel. The actual button that was located on the left side is no longer there. Because there is more room on the screen, there is now a function called Quick Reply. This will make it possible for those who own Android smartphones to use their devices to send canned responses to messages that they receive.

On a single charge, the battery life lasts for an impressive seven days. This is a two-day improvement over its predecessor.

So, there you have it, guys. Regarding the impending Charge 3, this pretty much covers everything there is to understand about it. The fact that online stores have started advertising the fitness tracker is a sure sign that it will be available soon, probably at IFA in Berlin.

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