Only Fossil Watches with the Gen 6 Operating System will be able to make use of the New WearOS

Only Fossil Watches with the Gen 6 Operating System will be able to make use of the New WearOS

According to Fossil, its future Gen 6 watches will be equipped with the most recent version of the WearOS operating system. However, it will not be available for smartphones of older generations in the future.

This information came to light during a discussion with journalists from CNET. They had a video discussion with Greg McKelvey and Steve Prokup, who are the Chief Commercial Officer and Vice President of Connected Devices for Fossil, respectively.

The two individuals disclosed that the newest version of Android Wear, which is scheduled to become available for Gen 6 watches in the coming months, will be installed on those watches. It is anticipated that this will be a hybrid of WearOS and Tizen, with some activity monitoring components from Fitbit thrown in here and there.

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It is unknown what the actual appearance of the new software will be; nonetheless, it will unquestionably be an improvement over the present version of WearOS. Along with the additional alterations that are anticipated come improvements in power efficiency and fitness tracking.

The disappointing piece of information is that current Fossil smartwatch owners will not be able to upgrade to the redesigned operating system. The reasoning that went into making this choice is not entirely transparent. It seems likely that the firm intends to get as much use as possible out of the forthcoming hardware enhancements, such as the Qualcomm 4100 chip. However, users of earlier gadgets appear to be left in the dust.

The new Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatches mark a shift in the company’s strategic focus

It has been disclosed that a “luxury” gadget will be available for the Fossil Gen 6 watch line. It will come with additional health features, quicker performance, longer battery life, and LTE connectivity.

McKelvey stated that “all of the software benefits that Google is talking about and delivering with the unified platform is something that we’ll be integrating into that as well.”

It should come as no surprise that “premium” specifications will entail a higher price tag. It would appear that the Fossil watches with a higher price tag are the ones that have generated the most interest. You can anticipate that this Gen 6 watch will compete with others, such as the Apple Watch and Samsungs.

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When it comes to design, we can anticipate a wide selection of possibilities across the various Fossil subbrands, such as Diesel and Skagen, amongst others. A variety of smartwatches and hybrids will each have their own unique appearance in addition to their own unique button layouts.

However, it is quite evident that a change in tactics is forthcoming. The company will continue to produce this extensive range of hybrids and lower-end watches, but at a far lower volume than in the past. Moving forward, it is planning to place its primary emphasis on higher-end products.

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