Opinion Article on Animal Abuse

Opinion Article on Animal Abuse

Writing about the rights of animals, particularly to receive good treatment and not to make them suffer or generate a situation of agony in many cases until their death, is a totally independent matter of the situation that the human being is going through, the famine, the poverty, poor income distribution, lack of employment, global warming, insecurity, and so many issues that certainly must be kept in mind to find solutions. However, they are not mutually exclusive, making one topic visible does not rule out dealing with the other.

Domestic animals, ferals - those that were domestic animals but that live in the wild- or wild life, have the right to live free from hunger and thirst, but many of them are not only deprived of food and water when they are domestic or do not find it due to lack of habitat when they are in the wild, but also live in fear and anguish due to the mistreatment they receive.

It is impossible to find a reason why violence against animals and the lack of attention to their basic needs is growing. If they are not going to help them, at least they will not harm or mistreat them, but no, sometimes there is the intention of causing anxiety.

Animals, on the other hand, when treated appropriately, respond with gratitude and loyalty. They are generators of good because what they know how to do is give affection without any demand in return because they are living beings who feel, who have some degree of consciousness and who perfectly react to external stimuli.

Animals become great teachers, they are always ready to accept the human being and in their own way, support him with their company. So why do people come to injure and harm them and we see animal abuse all around? Because humanity is being lost.

Although there are laws that protect them, such as the Unites States Animal Protection Law, in reality there is still a long way to go before those who mistreat, abuse, or commit cruel behaviors against them are truly punished. In reality, what must change is the culture so that they are respected and protected because there is none. There must be a real awareness of the need to treat them with dignity and respect. In other words, there is no culture of respect for animals, which is what really needs to change.

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