Oppo's next Smartwatch may Include a Curved Display that makes use of 3D Technology

Oppo's next Smartwatch may Include a Curved Display that makes use of 3D Technology

It has come to light that a patent covers an Oppo smartwatch with which the public was not previously familiar. It covers three distinct looks, one of which is for a device with a circular shell and a display curved in three dimensions. The other two looks are absolutely unique from one another as well.

The company’s very first smartwatch went on sale in China in the spring of this year, but it was only made available in other countries in July of this year. The watch’s display is rectangular in design, and the watch itself is available in two different sizes; all of these characteristics are reminiscent of Apple’s Watch. The most significant distinction between the Oppo Watch and the wristwatch that currently claims the title of most popular in the world is that the Oppo Watch does not feature a crown. Instead, it has two lengthy buttons on the right side of the device; one is lighted by an LED indication, while the other is not.

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When all is considered, this is a commendable effort done by a company that has made a reputation for itself in the smartphone market. The company in question is Apple. The smartwatch incorporates a wide array of sensors, one of which is an electrocardiogram (ECG). If one so desires, they can also add an electronic subscriber identity module (eSIM) LTE.

New design patent

Oppo announced the publication of a brand new design patent on September 15th. Although the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has been in possession of the necessary documentation for about one year, it was only recently made available to the general public. This illustrates three designs of smartwatches available on the market today.

The first one is very similar to the Oppo Watch that was released earlier this year. A square display with a number of control buttons and a plethora of sensors integrated into the chase and the back of the display, respectively.

The following layout is another that shares some similarities with the one that came before it. It would appear that the sensors are identical to those found on the original model. On the other hand, in contrast to the previous example, this one has a square form rather than a rectangular one. As a direct result of this change, the watch now has a marginally smaller display, enabling it to better accommodate wearers with wrists that are not as robust. Both the absence of a curved display and the existence of a flat one are possible indications that this is a model with a lower price point. Moreover, the absence of curved display bezels.

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When we got to the third iteration, that’s when things really started to get interesting. In this one, an Oppo Watch is shown off with a 3D-rendered curved display that looks just fantastic. In contrast to the other two models, this one has a crown and a single, smaller physical button that is situated next to it. When it comes to the sensors, it appears that they are the same as one another. The finished product is a watch that exudes an air of high fashion and modernity throughout its design.

If anything like this were to become a real-world product at some point in the future, it would be easily distinguishable from other watches now available on the market due to its circular screen that is located on all four corners. It seems to have a highly pleasing overall physical appearance.

Oppo may be working on a round wristwatch; however, we cannot confirm this with complete clarity now. The fact that Oppo has applied for a patent suggests that this may be the case. Even if it does make an appearance, it is pretty unlikely that it will snow during this year’s season. The beginning of the year after the one that is coming is a more likely launch date. It might take place somewhere around the time of MWC 2021.

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