Our Best Friends Too Need Fitness Trackers: List Of Fitness Trackers For Dogs

Our Best Friends Too Need Fitness Trackers: List Of Fitness Trackers For Dogs

I was looking for a GPS collar for my dog and purchased the FitBark 2, which is one of the best fitness trackers on the market for dogs.

I’ll show you three more fantastic gadgets that I’m confident you’ll find helpful and entertaining in this piece.

Technology has altered a multitude of fields, from education to healthcare, as it continues to develop by leaps and bounds.

By combining technology and fitness, wearable technology has become a game-changer.

This was a refreshing change, as many people had previously believed that technology was ultimately the enemy of fitness.

Wearable technology makes training more manageable and more enjoyable for people by allowing them to actively see and use their data to improve their workout programs.

The general public so favorably received fitness trackers that new uses for fitness trackers were considered.

As a result, we now have dog fitness trackers.

Dogs are highly active animals, and some breeds demand much exercise.

Fitness trackers took care of it for dog owners by providing them with technology to monitor their dog’s daily activities.

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For Dogs, the Best Fitness Trackers

These trackers not only include GPS to help you find your missing pet, but they also have activity tracking features that allow you to check your dog’s fitness and intervene at the proper time if something goes wrong.

These gadgets are certainly a must-have for active dog owners, with the added benefit of establishing daily goals for your dog and comparing data.

The top fitness trackers for dogs are listed below.

No.1 FitBark


  • Because of its attractive casing, the FitBark 2 could easily be mistaken for a pet fashion accessory at first.
  • Since a piece of technology with lights radiating from it would eventually terrify or disrupt a dog, this plays to its strengths.
  • Because it is a superb pet activity tracker and has a robust build, the FitBark may be termed the Fitbit for dogs.
  • You can even get a rubber casing for the FitBark so your dog may play in the water.
  • It can last up to 6 months on a single charge! It also connects to your fitness trackings software, such as Google Fit, Apple Health, or Fitbit.
  • Activity tracking and sleep monitoring are two of their most essential functions. It keeps track of activities in the form of distance traveled and also has a feature that calculates the number of calories burned.
  • All of this information is combined to provide you with an overall health assessment of your dog as well as the detection of a behavioral anomaly.
  • Other fantastic features include sharing your dog’s activity statistics with your veterinarian and comparing it to that of other canines.
  • The FitBark, unlike most pet trackers, does not require a monthly subscription charge.

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No.2 Findster Duo+

  • Another excellent activity tracker for dogs that do not charge a monthly subscription.
  • The Findster Duo+ has a cute and tiny design that looks excellent on your dog’s collar and isn’t too bulky to restrict movement.
  • It contains a GPS-based real-time pet finder, so you’ll never have to worry about your pet getting lost again.
  • Apart from these capabilities, it also functions as a pet activity tracker that uses GPS data to track all-day activity.
  • The Findster Duo+ is designed for active pets and encourages you and your dog to get out into the great outdoors.
  • It has a range of up to 4.8 kilometers, so you can let your dog go around while keeping an eye on him on your module.
  • This device’s battery life is also outstanding, lasting approximately 12 hours on a strenuous trip, three days on two ordinary 30-minute walks, and seven days at home. With the GPS position set on, all of these are possible.

No.3 Attach the AKC Smart Dog Collar to your dog’s collar.

Attach the AKC Smart Dog Collar to your dog's collar.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t like modules or clip-on and would rather wear a classic collar.
  • The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar includes a built-in GPS tracker that you can use to find your dog as well as an activity monitor.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be synced with the app.
  • The collar is quite comfortable, and if that isn’t enough, Link AKC can measure your dog and make a custom, adjustable collar for you.
  • For a tiny monthly fee, they provide nationwide location tracking as well as access to the Pet Poison Helpline.
  • The activity monitor adapts its daily goals based on your dog’s breed and keeps you informed about all you need to know.
  • This fitness tracker includes additional safety measures to compensate for the higher price.
  • The intelligent collar will alert you if the temperature around your dog changes. It will also store your dog’s medical records in the app.
  • The battery life is also very ordinary, lasting up to three days when used regularly.

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No.4 PitPat 2 – Activity Monitor for Dogs

  • PitPat 2 is another excellent and surprisingly inexpensive activity tracker.
  • It is trendy in the United Kingdom, and you can get it for only 39 dollars.
  • I hope this post helped assist you in your search for the finest fitness trackers for dogs.

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