Our Guide For Watch Clasps

When looking for a watch, you’ll come across phrases like “watch clasps” and “watch buckles.” Before purchasing a watch or smartwatch, you should become acquainted with terminology such as clasps and others such as bezels, cases, straps, bands, dials, hands, or other phrases, depending on the watch. And all of the jargon can be a bit daunting! There are sub-types of clasps and buckles to be aware of within even just the varieties of watch clasps. We’ve put together a fast buying guide for watches, focusing on clasps and buckles to help you select the best-fitting watch for you. The watch clasp, also known as a buckle, is the point where the two straps of your watch meet and hence where you tighten or relax your wrist straps. It determines how well your watch fits and how pleasant it is to wear on a daily basis.

1. Deployment Clasp

These watch clasps are, as their name implies, a faster and simpler way to remove and adjust your watch’s straps. These deployment clasps are most commonly found on metal watches and bands, but there are a handful that combine metal deployment clasps with a leather strap. The deployment buckle works by unfolding into three segments that stay connected and open the band wide enough for your wrist to fit through before closing in on itself. These come in three different types: butterfly, flip, and fold-over deployment clasps, and are commonly found on men’s timepieces.

Butterfly clasps are the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of butterfly clasps.

These are made up of two hinges and two locking mechanisms that open and close in the same symmetrical pattern as butterfly wings. Many people prefer this form since it perfectly conceals the clasp mechanisms when wearing the watch. Push-button deployment is available on some butterfly clasps, allowing for rapid opening and closing. These buttons, on the other hand, can become caught in loose garments or get in the way of a more active lifestyle.

2. Clasps for Deployment that Flip

A flip clasp features only one hinge and lock, and it only opens one way (or flips over). It’s a touch less secure than the butterfly deployment, and it’s not as common on metal watches as the butterfly. In reality, linen, canvas, and silicone bands are frequently used with flip clasps. However, they are similar to butterfly clasps in that the clasp is usually stainless steel and may feature push-buttons and a spring.

3. Overlapped clasps

A fold-over clasp works by unfolding a metal component over one hinge, as the name implies. This sort of clasp is commonly found on stainless steel and gold watches, and it is normally reserved for more high-end timepieces. These clasps do add a touch of class to the piece, but they will necessitate having the watch band custom-fit to your wrist.

4. Tang Buckle/Pin

The tang buckle uses a pin and a hole in the strap in the same way that a belt buckle does. Many people love these watches since they do not require costly resizing or link removal/addition. Children’s watches, such as the Garmin Juniors; fitness tracking watches, such as Fitbit; and higher-end smartwatches, such as Samsung and Apple, all use the pin or tang clasp.

5. Dive or Security Clasp

When diving, a diver’s watch is one of the most important things they need, and while these watches must be trustworthy underwater, they must also be securely fastened to your wrist. That is why security clasps are most commonly found on dive watches. These clasps usually include a double-or triple-locking deployment system and can be clasped with a spring or ratchet system. Dive watches are available from a number of high-end watch brands, with Rolex being one of the most well-known.

6. Jewelry clasp

The jewelry clasp, unlike the dive clasp, is probably the simplest of all watch clasps. On the wristband of the watch, it’s a click and snap style of clasp, usually with a hook of some form. On women’s brand-name watches, the jewelry clasp is extremely prevalent, and it can sometimes feature a push-button release system. A jewelry-style watch is frequently worn for the sole purpose of accessorizing in a fashionable and stylish manner. As a result, popular jewelry manufacturers such as Guess, Fossil, and Michael Kors can be expected to produce these.

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