Our Review On The Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar

Overview of the Fenix 6 Pro Solar

The Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar is a GPS sports watch equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife. With the advancement of technology, we are seeing an increasing number of functionalities on sports watches. You can track your general fitness, rely on help and safety features, participate in sports and coaching modes, and do it all while listening to music on this dependable and sturdy wrist piece.

You can use entertainment apps like Amazon Prime Music, Deezer, or Spotify if you’re connected by Bluetooth or WiFi. You can also use the Garmin Connect app with your smartphone and Bluetooth. With all of its connections, this watch will appeal to keen athletes with a passion for the outdoors.

Fenix 6 by Garmin

You may be perspiring as you consider the battery life. That is one of the most important features of the Pro Solar edition. It charges in the sun, so you can increase the battery life while you’re outside.

In terms of safety, any Garmin smartwatch or sports watch model with a Bluetooth connection is a wonderful advantage. Garmin running watches, such as the Fenix 6 Pro Solar, have safety features including assistance and incident detection.

Both of these devices are compatible with the Garmin Connect App, which stores your emergency contact information. These safety features can notify your contacts if you are in an emergency or need assistance during your workout as long as you are in a network area.

The size and design of the Fenix 6 Pro Solar

Outdoors, the Garmin Fenix 6 Range

Garmin’s Fenix 6 Solar version comes in three casing sizes: 42, 47, and 51mm. The Fenix 6’s 1.3-inch display screen necessitates the use of the casing. This larger screen is ideal for those who are on the road, running, or on the water.

The Life of the Batteries

Modes for a battery

The battery life varies depending on the mode. It all depends on the modes you use and how hard you smash the apps.

As a smartwatch, it can last between 21 and 24 days.

In GPS mode, 60–66 hours.

15-16 hours of GPS and music listening.

Expedition mode lasts 46–56 days (including GPS).

In battery-saving mode, the device can last up to 120 days.

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Accuracy and Activity Tracking

Garmin has always been a leader in activity tracking accuracy. Garmin’s heart rate monitor has always been reliable, and the GPS has always been able to pinpoint the location within a few yards. This isn’t a novel concept, but they’ve put a lot of effort into improving their sensors over past generations.

Maps for the Garmin Fenix 6

During a specific activity, the solar will display up to 6 data fields on the screen. These can be selected from the menu. Pace and cadence, lap times, and heart rate are all things to consider.


The Fenix 6x Pro Solar isn’t groundbreaking, but it is refined. Garmin has taken the greatest features of their other models and combined them into one. You can easily and swiftly obtain anything you require. According to reports, the next Fenix 7 will be solar across the board. You may want to wait for the latest and greatest if you want the best.

The disadvantage may be that it is particularly data-intensive, which may be to the user’s harm. Sleep tracking, hydration checks, and stress monitoring may not be necessary. It is entirely dependent on your requirements.

Aside from that, the integrated coach, sensors, long battery life, and option to connect your Bluetooth headphones for hours of music while running make this solar watch an absolute winner.

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