Our Review On The Garmin Quatix 6x Solar

Garmin’s Quatix 6x Solar is an extraordinarily capable watch that’s also attractive.

We’re used to seeing things come and go swiftly as reviewers. Every now and then, you come across a device that you absolutely adore. One of these sports watches is the Quatix. With quiet confidence, it takes on every task you can throw at it. It’s a full fitness-tracking solution, but it also has some nice smart features tossed in for good measure.

The Quatix has everything it takes to be the perfect sports watch, with a killer 24-day battery life and increased battery life thanks to solar charging. It isn’t cheap, mind you. It’s at the pricier end of the market, at over $1,000. Is it really worth it? Sorry for giving too much away about the plot, but sure.

Designed to last

The Garmin Quatix 6x Solar has the appearance of going on forever. Titanium is used for the bezel and strap. This means that despite its massive appearance, it isn’t very heavy on the wrist. It is really light.

It has a quiet demeanor to it. It sports a blue and red dial that looks like a traditional chronograph. If you don’t want to use the titanium strap, there is also a blue silicone strap included in the packaging. The fit is a little tighter, but it’s still quite comfortable. Overall, it is attractive. It gives the impression that you’re wearing something special. There are no plastic parts or gimmicky design elements. A lovely and simple design.

Unlike other popular options, Garmin has chosen a transflective LCD display. Bold colors are absent here, but the face can be read at all times, even in direct sunshine. If you’re going on a weekend boat trip, for example, you’ll love this. In the event of darkness, a light button can be used to illuminate the display. This may be on a diving trip, as the Quatix has a 300-meter water-resistance rating (10ATM).

dolphins in the sea.

Total command

The Quatix suffers from the lack of a touchscreen, which is a minor flaw. Instead, it has five buttons. On the right, there are two, and on the left, there are three. It can be a difficult task the first time you use it. Three of the five buttons display various menus or shortcuts. Those shortcuts will become second nature to you, and you’ll appreciate the lack of fingerprint smudges on the screen. You’ll enjoy it much more if you have damp hands and can still utilize all of the capabilities. Users of pure touchscreen devices have expressed their dissatisfaction.

You have a lot of options when it comes to watching faces. You can even make up your own face. At a glance, you can choose the style, color, hands (if you want them), and the data you desire. steps, calories, heart rate, and so on.

It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in your pocket.

The Quatix has a lot of options. It’s a smartwatch, fitness tracker, and sports watch all rolled into one. In terms of features, it is comparable to the Fenix 6 Pro. The Quatix, on the other hand, comes with preset marine and boat options. You may track everything from hiking and jogging (which includes the infamously accurate GPS system) to cycling, yoga, swimming, and other strange activities. For instance, kayaking, skiing, and bouldering.

It will provide precise information on your heart rate, steps, calories, and distance traveled. However, it accomplishes more. Smart sensors keep track of your temperature and oxygen saturation.

We haven’t yet reached aquatic technology. You can connect the Quatix to a compatible boat if you have one. This will provide you with information such as water depth, wind speed, engine RPM, and other custom data. It’s right on your wrist. If it doesn’t knock you out, how about using the autopilot controls? Or the ability to alter your heading, steering, or route? Do you wish for more? OK,Your audio system’s music can also be changed.

This isn’t your typical Wear OS device, but it does come with the usual extras. Notifications and calls, as well as integration with leading music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music, are all available. Up to 2,000 songs can be stored locally and listened to using Bluetooth headphones.

We’ll talk about battery life later, but with all of the above and excellent GPS navigation, you can simply leave your phone at home.

Garmin Pay isn’t widely available yet, if you’re looking for a drawback.

It is never defeated.

When using the Quatix in smartwatch mode, Garmin promises 30 days between charges. With solar charging, you can get an extra 5 days, and with GPS mode, you can get an extra 20 hours.

Finally, some thoughts

The Garmin Quatix 6x Solar is a fitness and smartwatch that could be the best value for money. It accomplishes all of your objectives. especially if you enjoy water sports. At the same time, it appears to be worth a million dollars.

Garmin aficionados may be irritated by the fact that the Fenix 6S Pro can be had for less, even if you’re happy with the non-solar version. Both offer those unique marine features, but the Connect app allows you to download them.

This is a thing of beauty if you’re into navigating waves and need a dependable watch to assist you do so. Look no farther if you want something that will last.

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