Our Top 4 Picks for Women's Watches: The Best Seiko Timepieces as of 2020

You can acquire a watch for the sole purpose of its functionality, or you can purchase one on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as an accessory. Both functions will be available on women’s timepieces made by Seiko.

They have a contemporary appearance and provide precise timekeeping. Some of Seiko’s wind-up and automatic movements are made possible by the company’s ability to harness the power of quartz’s power and kinetic energy.

A purchase of a Seiko watch won’t put a significant dent in your savings. They also produce some excellent men’s watches that have the same degree of design and longevity as their women’s watches.

Let’s have a look at some of the most desirable Seiko timepieces for ladies that will be available in the year 2020.

Le Grand Sport

This Seiko has remarkable stability, and the fact that it is made of stainless steel that has been polished gives it an air of refinement and luxury.

Because it is of a high grade, the chosen stainless steel ensures that there would be little danger of deterioration over time. On top, you’ll discover a tempered crystal that provides excellent protection against the knocks and scrapes that occur on a daily basis.

The link-style bracelet has a two-tone silver and gold finish and is styled like a bangle. On the dial, you’ll see that the gold accents are repeated, and there is a single Roman numeral located in the 12 o’clock position. The remaining markers are straightforward and golden. You’ll find a date window located in the third position.

A high-performance Japanese quartz movement can be found inside the watch. This movement ensures the timepiece is highly accurate.

There is a water-resistance rating of up to 50 meters, which isn’t ideal for activities like swimming or diving, but if you don it to shower, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Sportura Chrono

This watch from Seiko is consistently ranked among the most popular options in the category of women’s timepieces. It comes with an enormous plethora of functionalities and features, not to mention a significant amount of built-in innovation.

It has a straightforward analog display that may be viewed in a flash if necessary.

That’s one of the best instances of how Seiko combines aesthetics with practicality in its products. It displays the time in a 24-hour format and has three sub-dials that demonstrate the chronograph’s capabilities. These capabilities are centered on providing you with accurate measurements over a period of sixty minutes.

The band and the case are composed of stainless steel, contributing to the watch’s durable construction. It has been polished to a smooth finish so that it appears to be of high quality.

There is a tachymeter ring and a fixed bezel on the watch. These are affixed on a face made of mother of pearl. Because the hands glow in the dark, you will never have to fret about whether or not you will be able to see the time, as this watch provides accurate readings in any illumination.

The dial is shielded by sapphire crystal, which is widely regarded as the most scratch-resistant material available for use in the construction of watches.

The precision that is produced on the inside by the quartz movement that resides inside can be counted upon.

At the number three slot, a calendar is automatically updated for your extra convenience. There is also an alarm within the sub-dial, minute increment markers that advance by 5, and a second hand that can regulate itself. Since it is waterproof up to 100 meters, you are free to use this when participating in recreational diving.

SXDA90 Sporty Dress Watch

This one lives up to its billing and delivers a fashionable and athletic vibe. This women’s watch is made of stainless steel and features two tones of silver and gold, which fit in wonderfully with exquisite formalwear while also making a plain white shirt look all the more executive when worn to work.

Once again, it possesses a Japanese quartz movement, which ensures that the interior will automatically maintain the proper and precise time. The date is displayed on the black dial, which does not have any numbers but instead has gold markers and matching minute, second, and hour hands.

The layout is uncluttered and straightforward. The form is round in nature. When you move around, your clothes won’t get caught on it or become irritated by it. In the same vein, if you’re wearing something exquisite that you really do not want to catch, you should avoid doing so. The bracelet has an easy-to-use push-button clasp, so putting it on and taking it off isn’t a problem at all.

Solar Swarovski Crystal SUP176

Swarovski supplied crystals and used them to embellish this timepiece’s stainless steel case, bezel, and lugs. The watch has a golden hue to it and shimmers in all kinds of light due to its reflective surface.

The dial, which is barely 22 millimeters in diameter, is covered by a reinforced crystal that offers protection. It has a delicate appearance. The dial itself is chic and free of unnecessary clutter. It only shows the company’s logo and not a lot of other information. The bezel will not move from its position.

Because the watch derives its power from the surrounding light, you won’t need to worry about having to replace the battery. The water resistance is only 30 meters, which is not nearly enough to accomplish anything meaningful. At the very most, it offers protection from splashing. The bracelet, which has links that interlock with one another, is arguably the most attractive aspect. The lock may be adjusted to the proper fit by adding or removing part of the components, and it offers an exceptionally high level of protection.

The overall impression created is one of femininity. Even artistic endeavors. Overall, this appears to be something that distinguishes Seiko watches.

Article Summary

In the majority of environments, the dial of your Seiko will be luminous, distinct, free of obstructions, and easily readable at a glance.

The features and functionalities, in addition to the high quality of the materials used, are a demonstration of the dedication that Seiko has to provide innovative products that are also reasonably priced. Your Seiko is not only accurate but also long-lasting, so you can count on it to be by your side for many years to come.

Within this pricing range, there is no such thing as a dud.

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