PACT Announces the Beginning of Shipping for a Massage Gun That Can Assess the Condition of Your Muscles

These days, one can find massage guns just about anywhere. After a hard workout, many of us make use of them as a means to aid in the healing of our muscles. After very strenuous workouts, they can significantly assist the body in a long run. However, the issue with such gadgets is that they don’t offer much in the way of feedback regarding what constitutes an effective treatment and what does not. PACT is making an effort to close this void. This massage gun is more than just a conventional massage gun because it also measures the health of your muscles and recommends a rehabilitation therapy that is tailored to those measurements.

I am a runner who enjoys the sport but am guilty of not stretching sufficiently before and after my workouts. I’ll do a brief stretch that lasts between thirty seconds and one minute at most. Over the course of several months, the muscles would eventually become extremely rigid and inflexible.

The massage guns that I learned about a few years ago have been a godsend for me. Even if it isn’t as effective as going to a physiotherapist, just a few minutes of stretching every day does wonder for keeping my muscles relaxed. But I had the impression that massage guns like the Theragun and other, less expensive imitations of it were missing something important all along.

Theragun offers a mobile application (app) that educates users on effective massage techniques. Even the vast majority of other brands do not do it. However, there is nothing that compares to evaluating the condition of your muscles. You are continually operating in the dark, crossing your fingers that you have massaged your muscles well enough for the treatment to be successful. This is the reason why I am interested in PACT.

The PACT Massage Gun Can Give You Feedback Regarding the Condition of Your Muscles

Impact Biosystems, a startup company founded by a group of MIT engineers, was responsible for creating the device. They saw the need for a massage pistol that could perform additional functions. The startup kicked off its campaign to turn PACT into an actual organization on Indiegogo at the beginning of November.

The manufacturing process has seen some setbacks, but we expect to begin sending rewards to early backers before the month of May is over. The company estimates that it will take until August to send out shipments to all of the backers, which places it behind the timeframe established in early July. You can still place an order on Indiegogo, but we anticipate that it will soon be available at a more extensive range of retail locations.

The feedback on your condition that you receive from this percussive massage device sets it apart from all of the other similar systems now available on the market. Imagine yourself going through a data-backed recovery process. This device combines two functions into one, and here’s how it works.

To begin, you are instructed to use PACT Sense to gain a real-time understanding of the state of your muscles. Inside the object are six sensors: two position sensors, an accelerometer, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a current sensor, and a force sensor. Each scan takes 5,000 measurements. A measurement of the muscle will only take you five seconds to complete.

Bluetooth sends the information to the app that goes with the accompanying smartphone. This then sorts through the information and generates a recuperation regimen that is individualized to the state that your body is in at the moment.

You will also receive something that is referred to as a Muscle Readiness Index. This index provides you with a quick assessment of how ready you are to perform. The better things are, the higher the score is. For instance, if you notice that your muscles are friendly and relaxed, it may be time to try and beat your personal best for a particular run that you have previously completed. If you find that you are at the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you could give yourself a day off from exercise or go for a slow run.

It’s almost like having your very own personal trainer and recovery coach with you at all times. In addition to this, the mobile app for your smartphone allows you to track trends regarding the performance condition of your muscles. Something that quickly and accurately spits out these kinds of figures can go a long way toward assisting in preventing damage.

All of this is accomplished through the PACT scanning technology, which works by applying a force pattern to a muscle and monitoring the muscle’s reaction to the stress (muscle stiffness, mass, dumping). This is analogous to the method you would use to determine whether or not a muscle was sore: you would press on it with your finger and feel the resistance and tension in the muscle. How this operates is fascinating.

The PACT Sense device has a small mallet integrated into it that taps your muscles and detects the response of those muscles. This is the first device of its kind, and it collects data in a manner that is so novel. This implies that you receive an accurate and precise readout of the mechanical properties of your muscles based on scientific research.

Additionally, it Will Massage You

Putting the treatment into action using the PACT Pulse is the next step that needs to be taken. You can stick to a routine that the program provides for you to do. Make use of the device to give your aching muscles a massage that goes much beyond the surface. If you select the Auto-drive option, the massage parameters inside Pulse will automatically adapt to the condition of your muscles and the individual profile of those muscles. Alternately, you can select the manual mode to have complete control. There are seven various attachment heads available for you to use, and one can adjust the speed settings in any way you like.

Portable use is a primary design goal for both the PACT Sense and the Plus. In point of fact, they are not any more prominent than the standard massage gun that is already available for purchase. Additionally, the battery life is above average. You may perform approximately 150 scans in between charges, while the PACT Pulse is good for approximately 6 hours of massage time.

The product is priced somewhat higher than its premium equivalents that are on the market today. You can get it now for $449, which is $199 less than the eventual selling price of $649 that it will have.

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