Participate in the virtual challenge hosted by Strava to contribute to the relief efforts in Australia

As part of a Strava Challenge, Strava has set up a virtual half marathon and 5K race to help raise money for the relief efforts in Australia after the terrible fires.

 The continued high temperatures, lack of rainfall, and gusty winds have all contributed to the wildfires’ ongoing devastation over the past few months. In addition to the destruction done to millions of acres of land, many homes have been completely wiped out or severely damaged. Authorities in Australia are doing everything possible to bring the large fires that have erupted under control, with assistance from a number of foreign nations.

Strava is one of the most well-known social fitness apps now available. The company was founded ten years ago. The software is more than simply a well-known GPS-based workout tracker; it also enables users to issue challenges to both themselves and other users. Now the organization has introduced a brand new online competition to assist those who are in need.

The objective is to inform the global community of Strava about the situation in Australia and to assist in the collection of donations for the relief operations that are being organized there. Anyone is welcome to take part in the Relief Race: Bushfire Disaster challenge, make a donation to the cause, and pledge their own run through the website Relief Run.

There is a one-time cost of fifty Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid in order to participate, and all of these funds will be donated to the Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund of the Australian Red Cross. The competition will begin on Friday, January 17, and continue for three more days, concluding on Monday, January 19, in each athlete’s respective local time zone.

During this time period, participants will be required to either run or walk a distance of 5 kilometers and report their results to Strava. This challenge will consider all runs, walks, and wheelchair activities tracked by a GPS device, as well as entries tracked on a treadmill or manually. When your run has finished being uploaded, you will be able to check out where you now stand on the various leaderboards.

There have been around 6,000 people signed up for the cause so far, and the total money raised is getting close to 350 thousand dollars. Due to the fact that this is a digital race, you do not have to be physically based in Australia in order to take part. You do not need to run in order to donate, and you can do so regardless of the links above.

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