Pavlok 3 Instructs You to Use Electricity to Break Unhealthy Habits and Curb Cravings

Pavlok 3 Instructs You to Use Electricity to Break Unhealthy Habits and Curb Cravings

Do you remember Pavlok, the wearable device that was funded through crowdsourcing and zapped you into kicking bad habits? The company has spent the past few years conducting research, and now it has returned to Indiegogo in order to raise money for decent and improved technology.

Pavlok 3 features a modernized design that may be worn in any of its two distinctive configurations. One of them can be worn on its own as a wristwatch-like accessory. The other option is to utilize it as a band for an Apple Watch.

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In addition, the software has been redesigned, the wearable has extra customizable buttons, waterproofing has been added, and Bluetooth pairing has been made significantly easier. This final one was at the top of the list for many of Pavlok’s clients.

The wearable device continues to vibrate, beep, and discharge electric impulses in the same manner as before in order to encourage desirable actions and discourage undesirable ones. A behavioral change system is what some are calling it. The electric stimulus technology incorporated into the wearable device is perhaps what has brought it the most notoriety. It sends out a zap with a voltage ranging from 50 to 450 volts, which immediately grabs your attention and forces your brain to switch out of autopilot mode.

The wristband will keep track of your activities throughout the day and will sound an alarm if it detects that you are about to engage in an undesirable pattern. Pavlok 3 has the ability to automatically detect when you are smoking, chewing or eating, picking at your hair, itching, or rubbing your face. If the habit you want to break is not specified, train the gadget and program in your own negative habits. The software also has a social component, which incorporates the concept of peer pressure to aid in breaking undesirable behaviors and fostering desirable ones.

One of Pavlok’s functions is that of a pedometer. It will keep track of the number of steps you take and give you a gentle prod to get moving by sounding an alarm after you’ve been sedentary for thirty minutes. If, after sixty minutes, you are still sitting on the couch, an electric zap will be administered to motivate you to get up and move around.

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Pavlok not only helps you wake up while you’re in the weakest period of sleep, but it also keeps you from dozing off during the day. This is the most essential benefit. You will be told when it’s time to go to bed so that you can get the best night’s sleep possible, and the mobile app that goes with it will give you a full breakdown of your sleep statistics.

Last but not least, let’s not overlook the fact that the Pavlok Unlocked function is available. This gives you a remote control that lets you zap people in the immediate area whenever you want.

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