Pitaka: The Release of the World's First Carbon Fibre Watch Strap

PITAKA is the first company in the world to develop a watchband that is made entirely from carbon fiber. Because this band is constructed entirely out of carbon fiber, it is not only very lightweight but also straightforward to put on and take off. The phrase “luxurious in look, perception, and scent” captures its essence competently (so to speak). The release date of the first Apple Watch band made of carbon fiber has not been determined; however, stay tuned as additional information is on the way. To do this review, we were provided with a few bands; with that being said, the following is an account of our findings.

What exactly does the Pitaka entail?

The utilization of alternative technological systems is the core focus of Pitaka. Why should one consider alternatives? Because they place grandeur and brilliance above all else in their hierarchy of values. They use materials that are one of a kind, and the manufacturing processes are highly delicate. This leads to the creation of objects that have the potential to be the highlight of the show.

The vast majority of companies that produce carbon links imprint carbon onto the exterior of leather bands using a stamp. The aforementioned luxury brand in question does not function in any way similar to this at all. Pitaka uses 600D Aramid Fabric because it is a cutting-edge, high-tech, woven fiber that is up to five times stronger than steel while weighing only one-fifth as much as steel. The completed product is a brand that is not only malleable and lightweight but also has an outstanding aesthetic. When it comes to the production of this material, accuracy is absolutely necessary. In a detailed procedure, around 1500 strands are used to make a flexible fabric, which is then hardened and laser cut to create the links. This intricate process takes place throughout several steps. The first step in the process involves the fabric being bendable. After that, the material is given three coats of paint to ensure that it is durable and resistant to scratching. In addition to this, it has a fantastic silky consistency all the way through and is quite pleasant to the touch.

Did you know that Jonathan Ive, the man responsible for designing the first Apple watch, had the idea of it being more of a fashion piece when he was first developing it? Others believe that it is essentially an enlargement of Apple’s iPhone at this point in time, and they have voiced their opinions regarding this matter. We are not claiming that the Apple Watch is lacking in style; nevertheless, style is something that can be improved, particularly when it is paired with one of the most aesthetically beautiful premium bands for men that we have come across to this point in our research.

So, what are our general impressions of the product as a whole?

We have been tasked with judging two bands, one of which is a modern band and the other of which is a band that adheres more closely to the genre of traditional music. Both are delightful to put on because of their enticing appearance, their sensation of being extremely light and airy, and the ease with which they can be worn. My own choice is for the retro style since I believe that it gives the watch an appearance that is more mature and possibly even menacing.

When will the music from this band be available to buy, and where can I do so?

It’s available for purchase right this very second!

What other accessory could possible be more appropriate for your costly Apple Watch 6 or Apple Watch SE? In terms of design and luxury, and cost performance, we consider this to be one of the very best options that are now on the market to choose from. The appearance and texture of carbon fiber, which provides your Apple Watch a more robust and fashionable edge, transform it into a genuine watch. This transformation is made possible by the inclusion of the material. Is the Apple Watch capable of competing with other well-known traditional Swiss brands that you wear on your wrist? It’s not out of the question with this band at all.

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