Players have access to real-time strategy with the use of Arcoss Caddie 2.0

Arcoss has released the second edition of their artificial intelligence platform, which is a mobile application for smartphones that is powered by Microsoft Azure. The software can now provide players with real-time plans for each stroke, no matter where they are playing in the world or what hole they are in.

All users of the Arccos 360 system can access the platform at no additional cost. This is a golf accessory that has the potential to add a whole new dimension to your game. When paired with your smartphone, the fourteen almost weightless sensors that are fastened to the bottom of each of your clubs make it possible for you to track every aspect of your game.

Every take is captured on-the-fly and uploaded to a remote server almost immediately. Visuals taken from a bird’s-eye view and superimposed on photos of GPS holes help bring the information to life. You can view the statistics immediately on your iPhone or view them on a computer after your round is over.

The following categories of information are among those that are monitored: GPS Distances to the Front, Center, and Back of the Green; Club Distances and Averages; Fairways Hit or Missed; Greens in Regulations; Putting Statistics; and more are available.When you have access to a lot of data, you can find your weak spots and long-term trends.

Arccos Caddie 2.0 is now making use of all of this information in addition to other data, such as the current weather, in order to present golfers with real-time insights. As users move further down the golf course, they will learn about different methods and get predictions of how things will turn out.

Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder of Arccos, says that advanced analytics are changing all of sports, and that golf is the best sport for putting these ideas into practice.

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are utilizing artificial intelligence to take a fairly conventional structure, namely the relationship between the caddie and the golfer, and bring it to the next level. We are also contributing to the democratization of the caddy experience by making it available to everybody. Currently, only 3% of golfers have access to the advice of a human caddie. Therefore, we are helping to expand this percentage.

Arccos claims that their intelligent golf equipment has already tracked over 100 million shots across nearly one million rounds of golf. Users have mapped a total of 418 million GPS data points and 26.6 billion geo-tagged data points using this platform. Most importantly, users’ stroke counts have decreased from 3.55 in 2016 to 2.77 in 2017, representing a significant improvement.

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