Please Sign this Petition Asking Google to Bring back the Pebble Smartwatch

Please Sign this Petition Asking Google to Bring back the Pebble Smartwatch

We are all aware of how much you cherished your Pebble. There is a good chance that Google will not bring it back, but if you want, you may sign a petition asking the search giant to bring back the Pebble watch.

Pebble was an early leader in the market for wearable technology. There is a school of thought that their product was the first true smartwatch. Over 68,000 individuals contributed to the first Pebble funding campaign. Sadly, there is no longer a corporation in existence. It was acquired by Fitbit, which Google then acquired.

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The community surrounding Pebble smartwatches, on the other hand, is still active. And I see that some of you have managed to keep your watches running. This is in spite of the fact that Pebble’s infrastructure and web-based functions have been disabled, which means that Pebble watches can still function but with a reduced set of capabilities.

There is an alternative available, which is a piece of software known as the Rebble OS. Its purpose is to ensure that Pebble watches continue to function indefinitely. Or at least for as long as the hardware will allow. An app shop has also started taking customers at this point.

The official Pebble documentation served as the inspiration for the beginning of the Rebble project. However, it changed into something else after Fitbit discontinued the platform it was based on.

Any other watches have not adequately replaced pebble watches as of yet. Something that is attractive in appearance, durable, inexpensive, packed with features, and not too heavy. And, perhaps most crucially, open to the creation of one’s own watch applications, watch faces, and companion apps by third parties.

There are now a few potential contenders on the market, like the Watchy Arduino e-paper smartwatch. However, there is nothing that can truly be considered an adequate alternative.

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Those who are keeping their fingers crossed that Google will bring back the Pebble watch can share their thoughts. is now hosting a petition requesting that Google restart the production of the Pebble smartwatch. More than one thousand people have signed the petition up to this point. Simply clicking on this link will allow you to make your own comment. Although it is unlikely that Google will return the watch, anything is possible.

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