Polar Grit X VS Sunnto 9 Which Is Better

It might be difficult to find a watch that can provide advanced levels of assistance when you are serious about athletics, especially if you are on a budget. Smartwatches with a lot of features, such as a lot of sports modes and a lot of sensors, usually cost a lot of money. However, two devices claim to have all of the capabilities that a die-hard sports fan requires, so we decided to evaluate them to see which one offers the best overall value! This is a comparison between the Polar Grit X and the Sunnto 9 Peak.

Polar Grit X vs. Sunnto 9 Peak: Which Has the Better Design?

Most smartwatch manufacturers strive to wow customers in terms of design, as this is generally the first thing that people notice. The Polar Grit X has a 47mm thickness and a 1.2-inch touchscreen that can be read in any light. When used for swimming, the watch is perspiration and dustproof and can be submerged to a depth of 100 metres. It cannot be used for diving. The Polar Grit X is a lightweight wristwatch that weighs only 64g and features an always-on display that makes checking your stats easier than ever. The screen has a resolution of 240 240 pixels and is made of scratch-resistant glass that can withstand a beating while you’re out and about.

You can also alter the band to match your mood, allowing you to adjust your appearance depending on the scenario. The Sunnto 9 Peak has a fantastic design and is slightly larger and heavier than the Grit X, weighing 81 grams and measuring 50 millimeters. This means it is larger on your wrist, which makes it easier to read but may deter you if you have smaller wrists. This device also allows you to change your bands for quick customization.

The 9 Peak is dust and perspiration resistant, and it can withstand 100 meters of water, although it is not suitable for diving. The touchscreen display has a resolution of 300 320 pixels and is easy to see, as well as being protected by Sapphire glass. Despite the fact that these watches are very comparable, we favor the Polar Grit X. It’s a little smaller and lighter, making it more convenient to use while exercising or going about your everyday activities.

Which is Better for Activity Tracking?

When it comes to tracking your movements, the Sunnto 9 Peak contains GPS to help you receive the most precise data possible, as well as a heart rate monitor to provide you with regular updates on how well your heart is doing throughout the day. It also has an accelerometer and a compass, but no barometer to assist you when you’re outside. A cadence sensor and a stroke monitor are included with the Sunnto 9 Peak to help you precisely track your riding and swimming efforts. Its extensive tracking capabilities will ensure that you attain your fitness objectives with ease!

The Polar Grit X is equipped with a full ABC system, making it ideal for outdoor use. It will assist you in determining whether to seek cover and when it is safe to continue on your expedition. It can also be used to determine your altitude, making it easy to obtain the most precise GPS values while analyzing your efforts. The Grit X also has a heart rate monitor, which allows you to receive a more accurate picture of your exercise efforts and determine your resting heart rate. Finally, both watches contain numerous high-quality features. Nonetheless, the Polar Grit X has a barometer, making it a better choice for those who wish to use their watch for outdoor activities.

Who Has the Best Sports Features?

While the activity monitoring tools are essential for accurate data collection, the sports elements provide the most diversity for users. Out of a library of over one hundred sports, the Polar Grit X can store twenty on the watch for tracking. It also includes a route tracker that can keep track of your mileage, pace, calories burned, steps taken, weight, water consumed, and sleep! After your activity is completed, you can see activity reports in the Grit X companion app and marvel at the watch’s level of detail. If you wish to set some simple goals for yourself, the watch can assist you.

The Sunnto 9 Peak also has a variety of sports modes to choose from, and it assists you in setting realistic goals to improve your performance. The 9 Peak, like the Grit X, can monitor distance, pace, sleep, calories, and sleep. It does not, however, provide weight and water tracking like the Grit X.

The Sunnto 9 Peak companion app isn’t quite as good as the Polar app, but the data it provides will help you understand where you stand and what you need to do to improve. Overall, the Polar Grit X outperforms the Sunnto 9 Peak in this category, as it is more sophisticated and has better tracking capabilities.

Which Offers the Best Battery Life?

The Sunnto 9 Peak has a massive 14-day battery life, which not only frees you from the frequent charging habit but also means you won’t have to bring a charger with you when you go on vacation. When GPS is turned on, however, battery life is reduced, and if you want to use GPS all the time, you’ll get about 25 hours of GPS usage per charge. The Polar Grit X has a seven-day battery life that works well with weekend charging, but it’s not quite as long as you might have hoped for in an expedition watch. When in GPS mode, however, the Grit X may endure for 40 hours, outlasting the Sunnto device’s GPS. Overall, we think the Sunnto 9 Peak has the best battery because it can last for almost a week without needing to be charged.

Polar Grit X vs. Sunnto 9 Peak: Which Should I Choose?

If we had to choose between these two gadgets, we’d go with the Polar Grit X because it’s somewhat smaller and lighter, and it has stronger data analytics and tracking capabilities. The Sunnto 9 Peak, on the other hand, is well worth considering if you want something a little heavier with a longer battery life. In either case, you’ll wind up with a budget watch that works hard to keep you moving forward.

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