Polar is making serious efforts to develop a wearable device that can do glucose monitoring in real time.

Polar is working on developing a smartwatch that will have an electro-plasmonic chip. This device will be able to monitor glucose levels by analyzing sweat.

According to the Finnish Research Impact Foundation, an organization that receives funding from the government and aims to improve public-private collaborations in research, this is the case. Since its inception in 2019, the Foundation has funneled around 2 million euros towards 11 collaborative research endeavors between academic institutions and private companies. The objective is to revitalize the finish industry by doing research of the highest caliber.

One of the initiatives that is being financed by the Finnish Research Impact Foundation is a collaboration effort between the University of Oulu and Polar Electro Oy. This information was first submitted by one of the users who is part of the Polar Vantage Users Facebook group. For those of us who are interested in wearable technology, this idea is really fascinating.

Polar is a well-known manufacturer of fitness bands, smartwatches, and other types of intelligent athletic gear. The company was established 44 years ago. In point of fact, the corporation with its roots in Finland is acknowledged as being the creator of the very first wireless heart rate monitor. Fans of sports watches are big fans of the company’s Vantage series watches. On the other hand, the University of Oulu is regarded as one of the most important educational institutions in all of Finland. It has over 13,000 students and 2,900 faculty and staff members.

Smartwatch with perspiration tracking.

According to the project description, the University of Oulu and Polar Electro Oy are doing research to determine whether an electro-plasmonic chip that is included in a wristwatch may be used to measure sweat. When it comes to monitoring one’s fitness, measuring sweat, along with hydration levels, glucose levels, and other variables, is one of the next frontiers.

The fluid is loaded with a great deal of information on a person’s health, including stress, muscle cramps, cholesterol, and a whole lot more besides. It is also possible to use it to estimate the amount of sugar in the blood. Which is the ultimate objective of the project, which is to build something that can be worn on your wrist and utilized for real-time monitoring of sweat glucose without the need for intrusive procedures.

According to Jian-An Huang, the primary scientist on the project, “a wristwatch might monitor sweat molecules and create information about the user’s health in a non-invasive manner.”

There is not yet a device that operates from the wrist that can be used to track perspiration that has been discovered. The Gatorade GX Sweat Patch is perhaps the most similar product that we’ve developed thus far. However, this is pretty different since it is a patch that you place on and it mostly offers information on how well you are hydrating. According to our analysis, people who are at least somewhat serious about training may find it beneficial to utilize the product once or twice. Nevertheless, its use is restricted beyond those two uses.

The amount of 189 346 euros in financing that has been approved for Polar’s project. The website listing is fairly recent, and it is included alongside other joint research endeavors that were initiated in the year 2021.

This is the world to come.

It does not come as a complete surprise that Polar is engaging in this kind of study at all. However, the placement on the Finnish Research Impact Foundation is the first piece of hard data that we have seen indicating that the firm is considering expanding into glucose monitoring.

It would seem that significant advances in sensor technology are just around the corner. It won’t be long until we can monitor blood pressure directly from the wrist, which will eliminate the need for conventional blood pressure monitors to undergo frequent calibration. In addition to other companies, Valencell is now putting the final touches on its strategy to achieve this. Apple, Garmin, and Fitbit, along with a number of other firms, are investigating additional technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the health and fitness wearable sector from the bottom up.

The ability to monitor glucose levels in a non-invasive manner is something that has been high on people’s wish lists for a very long time. The technique that Polar uses is unique in comparison to another strategy that has received a lot of attention in recent months. Rockley Photonics is the originator of this one. It would seem that they are prepared to put a one-of-a-kind spectrometer-on-a-chip platform through its paces. If all goes according to plan, we could be able to acquire watches that can monitor the body’s hydration level, alcohol levels, lactate levels, glucose trends, and a lot of other things all from the wrist.

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