Polar Unite Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

Polar Unite Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

Polar Unite, a new lifestyle everyday fitness watch from Polar, was released today. This is their lightest and cheapest Smartwatche to date.

The device features a vivid, color touchscreen and a small, elegant design that weighs only 32 grammes. Basic fitness tracking sensors are included, as well as a battery life of up to four days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking and up to 50 hours with connected GPS.

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Unite, a new lifestyle fitness watch from Polar, was unveiled today.

Polar has taken some of the best features from its existing range that are designed to take the guesswork out of fitness, but there is nothing especially novel in terms of functionality.

This includes the following:

Sleep Stages, which spits out a variety of facts about your nightly slumber, along with a Sleep Score and insights; and Nightly Recharge, which analyses how well your autonomic nervous system (ANS) has recovered. This will tell you if you should push yourself hard or take it easy that day.

The remainder is rather typical Polar fare. Ongoing heart rate, a rapid fitness test for continuous improvement, serene soothing experiences, suggestions and insights on activity and calories burned are all available.

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The cost and the availability

Looking at the specifications, the Unite looks a lot like the Ignite. Apart from minor cosmetic differences, the biggest distinction appears to be the former’s lack of built-in GPS. As a result, it is more affordable.

The new clock is available on polar.com starting today in a variety of colors: black, white, pink, and blue. The $149.95 set includes both small and medium/large bands. This is approximately $70-80 less than Polar Ignite’s price. If you only need a fitness watch for everyday use and don’t need built-in GPS, the Polar Unite is a good choice.

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