Pre-order the Fitbit Ace 2 now for delivery in mid-May

On Fitbit’s website and a number of other online retailers, the kid-friendly follow-up to Fitbit is currently available for pre-order. Mid-May is the anticipated delivery date.

Ace 2 has a vibrant, swim-proof design. It has a stronger housing that, according to the manufacturer, will shield it from harsh play and superior water resistance (5 ATM).

Additionally, the screen is bigger, giving the device a smartwatch-like appearance rather than a fitness tracker. Although the bumpers around the display add to its size, they protect the wearable when being used for play.

The colorful, swim-proof Fitbit Ace 2 is a family-friendly follow-up.

Image origin: In contrast to the original Fitbit Ace, which was made for users aged 8 and above, the Fitbit Ace 2 is intended for kids aged 6 and up. This is why the design is sturdy and protected.

New, vibrant bands and accessories are available, and the animated clock faces on the tracker’s face change throughout the day as the wearer logs their activity and steps. Kids can complete engaging challenges to stay active, and colorful avatars and cover photographs add excitement to the overall experience.

Fitbit Ace 2: The family-friendly follow-up features a swim-proof design and vibrant colors.

Ace 2 tracks activity throughout the day, including steps and active minutes, sleep, a target of one hour of active minutes (in accordance with WHO recommendations), virtual badges, and more. Heart rate monitoring is not a feature of the tracker’s first generation, and Ace 2 won’t either.

Melanie Chase, vice president of marketing at Fitbit, stated at a preview event yesterday that “one in five kids in the US is fat today, and a lot of it comes from not adopting the correct healthy habits at a young age.”

“Our entire Ace series is focused on empowering parents to keep track of their children’s activity and sleep so they can keep them on the right track while also assisting youngsters in developing those good habits early on.”

The Fitbit app offers users a family account, which enables parents to monitor their children’s activities and protect their privacy. You can switch between your perspective and the kid’s view, which is more constrained, using the Parent view to monitor their progress and activity. You can control who your kids connect with and what information they access.

The smartphone is available in two vibrant colors: “night sky and bright yellow” and “watermelon and teal.” Separate purchases of other bands will also be possible. Visit Amazon to look it up.

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