Puma is going head-to-head with Nike by releasing their own self-lacing sneakers

Today, Puma introduced their new self-lacing sneaker called Fit Intelligence, which retails for $330 (Fi). The shoes are designed to be similar to Nike’s Adapt BB, which are scheduled to be released at the end of this month.

The German athletic apparel and footwear business is offering fans the option to beta test the product ahead of its official introduction in the spring of 2020. Some 20 lucky members of the public will be picked, together with a few others, such as Formula One star Lewis Hamilton. Downloading the Pumatec app will allow you to submit an application to take part in the exciting competition. According to Charles Johnson, who serves as the worldwide director of innovation for Puma, “We’re on the ten-yard line.” “The product is working; we’ve got it functional, but we really want to have some further learning before we bring it to market.”

Workouts and jogging are both catered to by the lightweight shoe’s design. A user will need to manually tighten the boot by swiping up on the small motor that is positioned on the boot’s tongue. This is in contrast to the $350 Nike Adapt BB boots, which tighten automatically. The laces, which may either be tightened or loosened to adjust the hold the shoe has around the foot, are hidden inside the lining. Over time, they seem to be able to shape themselves to the shape of the foot that wears them.

Blue LEDs will light up as the shoes tighten. To untie and remove them, the wearer will need to swipe in the other direction. Using a smartphone app is another option for accomplishing all of this, similar to how Nike’s sneakers can be customized. The Apple Watch is another option; it communicates with the shoe via a Bluetooth connection. This connection is established between the shoe and the watch.

All of this is made possible by a motor that is discretely housed within the insole. According to Puma, the battery can operate for up to seven days on a single charge. When the shoes’ batteries are completely depleted, they can be recharged by setting them down on a wireless charging plate.

These are not Puma’s first pair of sneakers that include a self-lacing system. The company’s AutoDisc series, which was introduced approximately three years ago, has been upgraded to become Fit Intelligence.

The RS-Computer Shoe, which many people regard as one of the world’s first smart fitness wearables, was reintroduced to the market by the firm just one month ago. Puma included cutting-edge technology into the footwear in the form of a three-axis accelerometer, memory to store 30 days’ worth of exercises, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB connector for charging in order to improve the wearer’s ability to monitor their fitness.

In a little over a year, Fit Intelligence will make their first appearance in front of the general audience. As the launch date approaches, you may expect to receive updates from us.

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