Quick Answers and Health Tracking for Women are Now Available on Fitbit

Quick Answers and Health Tracking for Women are Now Available on Fitbit

Fitbit has at long last begun rolling out its previously announced rapid reply feature as well as its female health tracking capabilities. Aside from that, the company has also put out a few apps for healthcare as an afterthought.

According to Fitbit, one of its most desired features is the ability to monitor a woman’s health. In point of fact, this is the very first time that we have seen a fitness band or wristwatch come equipped with a capability of this kind.

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Within the next few days, female Fitbit users aged 13 and older who have self-identified as being female will receive an alert informing them that ovulation and menstrual cycle monitoring is now accessible on their devices. Those who decide to participate will notice a new tile on the dashboard that is dedicated to tracking female health. At this time, the feature is only accessible in the Fitbit apps for iOS and Windows. However, support for Android will arrive later this month.

This feature gives women the ability to log data on their cycles and examine how their menstruation affects many elements of their lives, including everything from the amount of sleep they get to the amount of movement they get. After a period of two months, the application will begin to use its “unique cycle algorithm” to provide predictions regarding period lengths as well as fertile windows. As more data is entered by users, this will become more intelligent and accurate.

The application will even send push notifications, which are completely optional, two days before and on the actual day that your period is projected to begin. Even though anyone with a Fitbit device can use this feature, you’ll need either the Ionic or the Versa to connect your smartwatch to the Fitbit Today dashboard.

Users of Android Ionic and Android Versa will be able to take advantage of a new “fast answers” function after installing the other software update. This will make it possible for customers to use their watches to send one of five pre-populated short responses to texts, emails, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They will also have the ability to add their very own responses, so long as those responses do not exceed sixty characters in length.

The latest news roundup from Fitbit includes a host of new healthcare applications and watch faces. According to Fitbit, this will give consumers more alternatives to improve their Fitness and assist in the management of illnesses like diabetes and certain types of cancer. Walgreens, Dexcom, Diplomat Pharmacy, Fitabase, Humana, Limeade, One Drop, and Sickweather are all included in this category. Some of these applications, like the Dexcom glucose monitoring system, are designed to function in collaboration with medical hardware manufactured by a third party.

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“We are becoming a wearable provider of choice for experts throughout the healthcare sector,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. “Our strong customer engagement, cross-platform interoperability, and intuitive software and services have contributed to our success in this endeavour,” he said.

“Together, we want to motivate people to make healthy lifestyle changes that can, in the long run, improve patient outcomes and cut costs.”

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