Rally: Convenience and Protection at the Touch of a Button

Rally: Convenience and Protection at the Touch of a Button

Wearable technologies are rapidly becoming integrated with safety features to make it easier for people to summon assistance when they need it. When you get home late from a night out with friends in the future, having a device like this might give you a little more peace of mind.

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Rally is a brand-new wearable that has recently made its debut on Kickstarter. When you are in need of assistance, it may not protect you from being attacked, but it may provide you the ability to alert your friends, other rally users in the area, and even 911 and other emergency services when you are in need of aid.

The programmable safety button, which is only 1 inch in size, may be fastened to a variety of different items, like your phone, backpack, or clothing. The gadget is powered by a coin-cell battery, which has a life expectancy of up to 365 days.

To activate, you need only tap the button three times in rapid succession. Because it uses a quick sequence, there is less of a chance that it may be activated by accident. Responders will receive a notification about your whereabouts via the Rally app, which will also provide your GPS coordinates. You will then receive a notification from the Rally app as soon as someone is on their way.

The application is adaptable and provides a great deal of leeway for customization. In addition to that, it has a check-in function. Because of this, you are able to schedule a check-in at a particular time or ask your friends or family to check in with you at the same time. If you don’t enter the code, your current GPS location will be sent to the people you have chosen automatically.

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The best part is that Rally’s services do not come with any sneaky extra fees attached. It is important to note that if you want to use the emergency service responder feature, there is an additional cost associated with your monthly subscription. This is so that we can afford the cost of keeping an open channel of communication with law enforcement authorities. But if you don’t want to participate in this, you have that option.

The fact that the wearable was derived from a garment designed to keep people safe while they are at work is maybe the most intriguing aspect of it. The Rally was founded and is currently owned by members of the 75th Ranger Regiment of the United States Army Rangers. When you use the device, you should feel a little bit more at ease as a result of that.

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