Realme has Released its Fitness Band with a Cricket Mode and a Battery Life of 10 Days

This morning saw the unveiling of Realme’s very first fitness band in a formal capacity. It has a sensor that can track your heart rate, a variety of activities, like cricket, to choose from, and long battery life.

At the occasion where the Realmi 5i was first introduced a few months back, India’s CEO, Madhav Sheth, was the one who first dropped hints about the gizmo. Sadly, this merely provided us with a peek of what was to come. During the course of the presentation, Sheth removed the fitness tracker from his pocket and fastened it around his wrist.

On the other hand, you can now purchase the fitness band via the Realme India website as of today. The product’s availability on a global scale has not yet been declared.

The water-resistant band with an IP68 rating is constructed out of silicone and is available in a variety of colours, including yellow, black, and olive green. On board is a colour display measuring 0.96 inches with a resolution of 80 × 160 pixels that can accommodate 64 characters. At the bottom is something that functions similarly to a capacitive button that can be used to navigate. The screen possesses interchangeable watch faces, and the central portion is detachable from the silicone band it is attached to. The design of the tracker is very similar to the design of the Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker.

The device also monitors the wearer’s heart rate and sleep, in addition to the number of steps, distance travelled, and overall activity level. So that you don’t get dehydrated, the wristband will remind you to stay hydrated and get up and move around if you’ve been sitting still for a long time.

The fitness band additionally possesses intelligent features such as an alarm function, control over music playback, and weather information. The companion LinkSmart application will show alerts from social networking sites, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and much more.

There are nine different sports modes available for use, and they are as follows: biking, riding, walking, climbing, yoga, fitness, and spinning. Also, the band has a special cricket mode that has been made just for India.

Recharge is performed by slipping out one side of the silicone strap. This exposes a connector for a USB-A cable, which can then be inserted into a USB port. This has occurred with a variety of other goods in the past. It is convenient because there are no cords, so there is no risk of losing them or getting them twisted up. The 90 mAh battery gives an exceptional 10 days of life on a single charge.

The Realme trademark has only been in existence since the year 2018. However, it is a member of the wider BBK family, which also includes the brands OnePlus and Oppo, as well as Vivo. Before it broke away from OPPO Electronics Corporation in 2018, it had been a subsidiary brand of that company for over a decade. In addition to accessories like earphones and a power bank, the company currently offers over a dozen different smartphone models in its product lineup.

As per CEO Madhav Sheth, Realme doesn’t want to be there solely as a cell phone band. There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the release of other product categories.

The Realme Buds Wireless, the Realme Buds Air, the power banks, and even the Realme Paya app, which is a financial service, are just some of the exceptional things that we provide. “In the near future, you will notice a significant increase in the number of products,” he promised.

The Indian market will serve as the primary focus of the company’s initial endeavour on the activity tracker front; the Chinese market will come in second. Realme is continuously expanding its geographic reach, and it is possible that the company will follow this up with a release in additional international markets. A smartwatch is also in the works and is expected to launch immediately after the fitness tracker.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is presently one of the greatest fitness trackers available for a reasonable price. It is a popular item in Asia, and it also does well in sales in the United States and Europe. There are numerous other low-cost fitness bands originating in Asia. However, the majority of these bands are manufactured by smaller brands. A low-cost Realme gadget is anticipated to introduce competitive competition to this market.

On the website of Realme, the tracker can be purchased for the price of INR1,499, which is marginally more than $20. From March 9, it will be available at a number of stores, including

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