Recent widgets for the Fenix, Forerunner 935, and Chronos watches are added by a new Garmin Software Version

Recent widgets for the Fenix, Forerunner 935, and Chronos watches are added by a new Garmin Software Version

The software used by Garmin’s Chronos and Forerunner 935 watches, as well as the Fenix series of fitness trackers, has received an update. Version 8.00 includes a number of enhancements, in addition to a few bug fixes.

Users can first add a few new widgets to their dashboards. A sunrise and sunset widget is one of them. It uses your GPS location to determine the times of the day’s dawn and sunset, as well as twilight. You can scroll backwards or ahead in time by clicking the button in the upper right corner. The Alternate Time Zone is the other widget that you can set up right now. Along with your current time, you can choose up to three more time zones to show side by side.

Long-press the watch’s middle left button to install. Select the settings option by descending the page. Then select the widget box and press the “add widgets” button.

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Despite failing to specify how the algorithms have changed, Garmin claims that it has increased the accuracy of measurements of resting heart rate (RHR). While some people see lower RHR levels, some experience greater ones.

Prior to the update, RHR was estimated using the average amount of sleep the wearer received, eliminating any time the heart rate was detected moving or when it was abnormally low. To register a reading, you must have slept for at least four hours. RHR was established as the lowest average reading over a one-minute time period during the day for users who do not wear their device overnight. Some customers, who are observing significant increases in RHR values, are becoming frustrated because it’s likely that the latter section has altered.

Among the other modifications is a new setting that displays a calibration prompt when using a power meter. This will enable the user to customize the power meter crank length when using a Vector. Along with several software updates, Bluetooth connectivity on Huawei phones has improved.

Version 8.00 should automatically install. You may also perform a manual installation via Garmin Express.

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