Red Sox have been punished for stealing signs, and it has been discovered that the device in question is a Fitbit and not an Apple product

The Boston Red Sox have been assessed a fine by Major League Baseball (MLB) as a result of their use of technological devices to acquire an unfair advantage while competing in a game. It was speculated at first that the device they used was an Apple Watch; however, it has since been discovered that it was a Fitbit product.

The Yankees were the ones who made the initial complaint when they observed the Red Sox team glancing at their wrist trackers and communicating information to players who were on the field. Some members of the Major League Baseball club representing Boston have confirmed to investigators that this was in fact the situation when they were shown the proof. It appeared that the video workers had communicated the Yankees’ signals to the Red Sox dugout, where they were then relayed to the players on the field.

According to what was said in the New York Times, “...trainers had received signals from video replay workers and subsequently communicated that information to Red Sox players,” which was an operation that had been going on for at least several weeks.

A source from the major leagues told the Boston Globe that the device the Boston Red Sox utilized in the sign-stealing scandal was a Fitbit activity tracker. This information was provided by a major league source. Activity trackers are becoming increasingly popular, and Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of these devices. Some of their products, like the Surge, are able to send and receive text messages via mobile devices. This functionality is in addition to the devices’ capacity to measure steps and calories.

MLB has penalized the Red Sox with a sum that has not been disclosed, but the Yankees have been hit with a sanction that is lower in total. This was in response to a second allegation made by the Red Sox, which stated that the Yankees had utilized a camera from the YES Network to spy on Boston players and coaches while they were in the home dugout. Rob Manfred, the commissioner of baseball, made the announcement regarding the penalty on Friday. They are going to be contributed to the Irma relief effort that is taking on in Florida.

According to a statement released by Manfred, “in determining the seriousness of this breach, the investigation established three key factors.”

“To begin, neither the individual who owns the business nor the staff in the front office was aware of the infringement in question when it occurred. Second, as soon as the Red Sox were made aware of the complaint lodged by the Yankees, they swiftly put an end to the questionable behavior and subsequently provided full cooperation to my investigation. The Red Sox have provided me with unwavering reassurance that there will not be any such violations of this kind in the future. Third, the findings of our analysis showed that numerous methodologies have been utilized by Clubs in order to interpret signs that do not infringe upon our guidelines. Because of their employment of an electronic device, the tactic employed by the Red Sox was in violation of our guidelines.

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