Review of the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, which is one of the best low-cost fitness watches currently available

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini











  • Provides a lot of value for the cost.
  • Lots of different sports modes, accurate built-in GPS, and a nice AMOLED display. Good coverage of the essentials of fitness tracking, including SpO2 and stress.
  • Longer than average battery life.


  • Small display
  • Keeping tabs on your heart rate during exercise can be hit or miss.

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is now available for purchase in the United States. It just became available recently. As a more wallet-friendly alternative to the GTS 2, this wearable was released in December alongside the Amazfit Pop Pro. It is safe to say that Huami, or Zepp, as it is now known internationally, has been quite active in the production of new products.

After doing this review, we determined that the Amazfit GTS 2 is a worthy successor to the first-generation gadget. The improvements consist of a 9-axis accelerometer as opposed to a 6-axis one, music storage, a SpO2 sensor, built-in GPS, and a number of other enhancements. The show is very amazing in this regard. It is lucid, crystal clear, and extremely sensitive to the touch.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s take a look at its little sibling, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini. The stripped-down version boasts a comparable set of functionality despite boasting a design that is even more lightweight. But why is there such a huge disparity between the prices of $99 and $179? I will detail everything.

A review of the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini titled “Design”

  • A display with a 1.55-inch AMOLED is incredibly lightweight.
  • 9.7 millimeters in thickness for individuals with more petite wrists.
  • battery life of almost seven days.

When it comes to its physical appearance, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini appears to be a hybrid of the original and second generations of the GTS. The Apple Watch popularized the concept of a square watch face, and this product has a similar style. Even while it’s probably not a fair comparison, I can’t help but think of the Cupertino device whenever I see a watch with a squared-off appearance.

Aluminum alloy and polymer are both used in the construction of the real GTS 2 Mini chassis. A silicone wristband with a sporty look is fastened to the body. This results in a product that has a pleasing overall appearance.

The size of the vehicle is the primary characteristic that sets apart the GTS 2 from the GTS 2 Mini. The latter is a scaled-down variant, as one may infer from the name. In comparison to its larger sibling, this one is 40.5 millimeters long, 35.8 millimeters wide, and 8.95 millimeters high. Therefore, it is also more slender.

The change in size is not particularly dramatic, but it is discernible. This is especially true given that the GTS 2 is a relatively lightweight device.When you have the Mini in your hand, despite its diminutive size, it gives the impression of being fragile but is, in fact, rather durable. I seriously doubt that it will shatter so readily.

Because of the way it’s been designed, it’s exceedingly lightweight. You’ll have a hard time finding a smartwatch that weighs less than this one, which is only 19.5 grams. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for use by any gender.

Having said that, I would not recommend the Mini for you if you have large wrists because it would most likely appear to be too small on you. You would be better off purchasing a Zepp watch or the GTS 2, depending on your budget. The wearer of this timepiece is likely to be a woman or someone with a wrist that is on the smaller side. It occurred to me that this may potentially be the ideal device for a teenager.

Regarding the display, the GTS 2 Mini features a diamond-like carbon covering that provides excellent protection against scratches and drops. The display measures 1.55 inches and is AMOLED. The density comes in at 301 PPI, while the resolution is 354 by 306 pixels. This screen can also be found in GTS 2, in its exact identical form. On the other hand, the size of that one is 1.65 inches.

When you turn on the watch, you will notice that the display has an astonishing degree of sharpness and clarity almost instantly. It truly is a work of art in and of itself.Everything can be seen clearly, whether inside or outside, thanks to the 450 nits of brightness.

In addition to this, the display has an excellent level of responsiveness. Touches are always detected, and navigating the various menus by swiping left, right, up, or down is a nice and unproblematic experience. My experience over the years has taught me that there is nothing more frustrating than making repeated swipes on a display that is unresponsive.

However, I do wish that Huami had gone with a typeface that was a little bit bigger. The user interface that is used for other devices in the Amazfit and Zepp series has been utilized for this one as well; the only difference is that it has been shrunk down slightly.

However, the primary watch face looks fantastic. And you have the option of selecting other ones. There is space for four on the device itself, and a large number of additional ones can be downloaded through the software available on smartphones. You may also add your own photos to the watch face so that it is completely unique to you.

Complications are featured on several of the watch faces. When you click on a complication, just like on the Apple Watch, you are sent straight to the appropriate app.

Additionally, the GTS 2 Mini allows you to customize the display in a variety of different ways. One of these is for a watch face that is always illuminated. Whenever you enter this mode, the watch face on the device will change from one that is fully responsive to one that is more simplistic. The latter just displays the date, the current time, and the total number of steps. A word of caution: selecting the always-on option may significantly reduce the remaining battery life of your device.

The GTS 2 Mini retains the same single physical button that was located on the right side of the device. In comparison to GTS 2, the button’s surrounding design is noticeably simpler, but it has the same functionality.

The colors Deep Pine Green, Rose Pink, and Obsidian Black are available to choose from. The color of the strap is the same as that of the body. In my particular instance, I have the Obsidian Black, and it comes with a silicone band that is also black.

If you would like to personalize the timepiece, it is not difficult to remove the band from the watch and replace it with one of your choosing. On either side of the band is a mechanism that holds a pin in place; if you move the pin, the band will detach from that side.

In terms of the underlying specifications, the BioTracker PPG of the second generation, which is included with the GTS 2 Mini, is able to measure SpO2 in addition to heart rate. This feature is only available on the GTS 2 Mini. Other sensors include a GPS receiver that is integrated directly into a 9-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, an air pressure sensor, a capacitive sensor, and an ambient light brightness sensor. Therefore, there is not a significant difference between it and its older brother. In addition to that, there is a microphone that gets along swimmingly with Alexa.

There is no music storage that is pre-installed on the device, in case you were curious about that. This is the primary distinction between the GTS 2 and the GTS 2 Mini, with the smaller size being a secondary consideration. It also explains why the scaled-down version has a price tag that is far lower.

Due to the device’s reduced size, it can only accommodate a 220mAh battery and still maintain its 5 ATM rating (down from the 246 mAh of GTS 2). If you use it normally, this should keep it going for around a week, but if you switch it to the long battery life mode, it should last for up to three weeks. If you turn on your GPS, you will still be able to fit 25 hours of training into your schedule.

This is the same as the GTS 2, despite the Mini’s display being smaller and consuming less power than the GTS 2. Huami is aware of the need to maintain a long battery life. A device that needs to be charged every few days is not something I am interested in having.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Monitoring of physical activity and health

  • There is full coverage of the fundamentals of fitness tracking.
  • Excellent monitoring of sleep, which also takes into account naps.
  • Continuous monitoring of stress throughout the day and night
  • SpO2 on demand
  • PAI

The Amazfits have been improving in terms of their ability to track exercise and health. The typical suspects are there and accounted for, including monitoring of your menstrual cycle and stress as well as your steps, distance, activity, and stress levels while you sleep. A PAI score is also given to you to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy heart rate throughout the test. The majority of this information can be seen on the watch itself. However, to view patterns over a longer period of time and for further data, use the Zepp app.

The Huami BioTracker PPG, which is in its second generation, is utilized in the heart rate monitor that is included with the GTS 2 Mini. It enables warnings to be generated for abnormal heart rates. You can also monitor your blood oxygen levels with it, which is an effective feature. The only catch is that you have to request the readings when you want them. This is in contrast to other brands, such as Garmin, which are capable of measuring your SpO2 automatically while you are sleeping.

The accelerometer is the other component that has been improved. It has been upgraded to 9 axes from 6 axes, which ought to result in improved fitness statistics.

In terms of precision, the watch is on par with what one would anticipate from a standard smartwatch. The Garmin Forerunner 935 that I wear on my other wrist consistently outperforms the steps that I take with this watch. You are, however, comparing apples to apples so long as you continue to use the same device day in and day out.

The statistics regarding sleep were more comparable. In most cases, within twenty minutes of the Garmin’s time. The Amazfit allows you to superimpose your heart rate on top of your sleep chart, and it will also keep track of any naps you take during the day. This is quite factual and good information throughout.

If you’re interested, there is a wealth of additional information below the statistics regarding your sleeping habits. This includes the quality of your sleep breathing, which will show you whether or not you have any trouble breathing during the course of the night, as well as statistics on each stage of your sleep.

Your heart rate is also recorded there for your reference. This includes the resting heart rate, which is normally a couple of beats per minute faster than the Garmin displays. which is a very encouraging sign. Because each company uses its own unique algorithm to compute statistics, you can never expect to get the same results from two different businesses.

In addition, there is a PAI score, which is a value derived from your heart rate that indicates how hard your ticker is working. This information covers your stress levels. There appears to be an increasing trend of businesses moving in this direction. The aim is to maintain a daily value that is greater than 100 points. According to the findings of numerous medical studies, this behavior has the potential to add a significant number of years to your life when you are in good condition.

The GTS 2 Mini does a respectable job overall of monitoring activity and sleep throughout the entire day and night. The statistics met with my approval.

The most annoying part for me was having to update the watch’s software after I got it out of the box for the first time. Because the watch would start, but then fail to download the whole file, it took me a number of days to finally do this task correctly. Because of this, the software download had to begin all over again… and again… and again. It’s possible that a faster connection to a broadband internet service would have fixed this issue, but I’m going to report it as it is.

Keeping score in sports

  • 70+ sports modes are incorporated into GPS that are fully functional.
  • erratic surveillance of the heart rate

The GTS 2 Mini comes with more than 70 different sport modes altogether. Running was of particular interest to me since, in my experience, tracking performance during a run is the best indicator of how well a sports watch performs overall. Plus, I’m a keen runner.

A few different scenarios saw me putting the Mini to the test. Throughout the years of reviewing various Amazfit products, I’ve occasionally experienced issues with the GPS on those products. Frequently, a watch would take an interminable amount of time to connect to the satellite, and when it finally did, the quality of the signal would not be very good.

I am relieved to report that none of these problems have occurred to me in connection with the Mini. It always connected in a very short amount of time, often beating out the Garmin in that regard. Additionally, the GPS tracking had a very high level of quality. It is very clear that Huami has put a significant amount of effort into enhancing its GPS connectivity. If you like to workout outside, this is something that is going to be very significant to you.

Simply ensure that the GPS files on the watch are kept up to date on a regular basis. When you sync the smartphone app, this operation is carried out on its own automatically.

Here is an example of a run that is 5.82 kilometers long. The Garmin that I had on my other wrist actually did a bad job of measuring the distance and gave me a reading of 6 kilometers. On the other hand, the Amazfit has clean lines that are visible. My Garmin gave the impression that I was running through a lot of different buildings for several circuits. Therefore, in this particular scenario, the Amazfit proved to be more effective than the Garmin.

Garmin Forerunner 935 vs. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

In terms of my heart rate, the Polar OH1 strap that was attached to my arm kept me at an average of 161 beats per minute for the entirety of the activity, with a maximum heart rate of 173 beats per minute. The Amazfit recorded my heart rate as having an average of 164 beats per minute (bpm) and a maximum of 189 bpm. These variations in heart rate were also seen in the other runs that were performed. Even if pulling the strap in closer helps, the fit is not going to be ideal even with this adjustment.

The majority of devices will have difficulty accurately capturing a runner’s heart rate from the wrist. Therefore, this problem would be alleviated if Huami included the capability to link to heart rate monitors that are external to the device. It is perhaps the primary factor that continues to differentiate high-end sports watches from Amazfits at this time. That, in addition to a few performance measures similar to Firstbeat

Despite this, the run tracking capability of the GTS 2 Mini was a pleasant surprise for me. It performed admirably, and the GPS is in peak operating condition.

Intelligence functions

  • Information
  • a lack of built-in memory for storing music – only music controls
  • Support for Alexa when connected to the appropriate smartphone app.

I’m going to wrap up my review with some insightful capabilities. You will receive a few, such as alerts for incoming calls and messages, but because the GTS 2 Mini lacks a speaker, you will not be able to use it to answer incoming calls.

Users can also use Mini to remotely control music and cameras, and it comes equipped with a microphone for use with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. However, there is no built-in storage for music, which is an essential point to emphasize. Using the controls on your phone, you can play, pause, and skip forward and backward in a song.You can also adjust the volume. Although I found the controls to be very simplistic, I can confirm that they perform as advertised.

Support for Alexa is an important feature to highlight. This is inserted into the GTS 2 Mini in the correct manner, and it functions. You will be required to authenticate your account through the mobile app before you can use it for the first time. After that, though, Alexa may be activated quickly and effortlessly by sliding to the left.

After you see the message “Connecting to Alexa,” all you have to do to get a response from the device is talk normally to it. The response will be displayed on the screen. However, in order for this to work properly, you will need to make sure that your smartphone is nearby and that the Zepp app is running in the background. In that case, you will see a notification that says “Network problem.”

The weather, alarms, a countdown screen, a stopwatch, a world clock, a compass, and Find Phone are some of the other smart features. In addition to that, there is a Pomodoro Tracker. This is a small program for increasing productivity that is essentially a strategy for managing one’s time. It gives you the ability to divide your work into periods, with each one typically lasting for 25 minutes. It would appear that this is the ideal length of time to help you avoid procrastination and increase your level of productivity.

The conclusion of the evaluation of the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

The Amazfit watches continue to get better with each new generation, and the improvement is readily apparent. When it comes to functionality, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is probably the best Amazfit watch I’ve tested so far. I’ve provided feedback on a considerable number of them. The instructions aren’t necessary; everything is ready to use straight away.

You will have all of the fundamentals for fitness monitoring, support for over 70 different sports, and an integrated GPS system that performs exceptionally well. On the other hand, I really wish that Amazfits had the capability of connecting to external heart rate monitors. Monitoring one’s heart rate through the wrist while exercising will never be able to compete with devices of this kind. In my opinion, this is an essential factor that differentiates the Amazfit series from more expensive sports watches.

When everything was taken into account, I found the GTS 2 Mini to be quite impressive. Clearly, there is a lot to appreciate about this. It is one of the watches that offers the best value for the money and can be purchased for only $99 on Amazon (check pricing on Amazon). You may also get it from Argos if you are in the United Kingdom.

The GTS 2 Mini is, as its name suggests, a more compact variant of the GTS 2. It works particularly well for women, those who have wrists that are not very large, and teenagers. It’s possible that others would be better served by purchasing its older sibling or one of the Zepp watches. There is also the Amazfit Bip U Pro, which can be purchased for the cost-effective price of $69.99.

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