Review of the color-coded blood pressure monitor, the iCheck 7, which has the potential to save your life

It is critical that you get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis because having readings that are too high puts you at an increased risk of developing health problems in the future. This is of utmost significance as you become older due to the fact that the negative effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle tend to accumulate over time. If your blood pressure is too high, it puts more stress on your arteries and heart. This makes it more likely that you will get coronary heart disease, have a stroke, or even die.

The vast majority of individuals only check their readings when they go to the doctor, and many are unaware of the fact that monitoring their cardiovascular health at home is equally as vital. There is a good reason why high blood pressure is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer,” and that explanation is not without merit.

Because there are so many high-tech blood pressure monitors on the market today, it is thankfully much simpler than ever before to keep track of your own readings and make any adjustments. These gadgets not only take measurements but also perform the tedious task of preserving them so that you have a historical record of what you measured. Monitoring at home is another option for assisting in the diagnosis of white coat hypertension. This occurs when the readings taken at the doctor’s office are much higher than the average taken over the previous 24 hours.

Braun is a well-known corporation that manufactures consumer goods and has its roots in Germany. The company’s history dates back nearly a century. It has recently increased its offering of health and wellness products by adding two intelligent blood pressure monitors, the ActivScan 9 and the iCheck 7. Both of these devices make it possible for you to monitor the state of your heart at home using a straightforward color coding scheme. The iCheck 7 is a blood pressure monitor that may be worn on the wrist, whereas the ActivScan 9 is a more conventional device that reads blood pressure from the upper arm.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been putting iCheck 7 through its paces. What I concluded from it is as follows:

The core components of the blood pressure monitor, together with two AAA batteries and a brief instruction manual, are all contained within the compact packaging that it ships in. Even though it does not come with a storage container of any kind, you may always save the box and use it for that purpose if you so choose.

The apparatus has an intelligent and sophisticated appearance, and it does not in any way have a clinical air about it. The fact that it weighs only 125 grams and is extremely lightweight makes it an excellent choice for obtaining readings when traveling. Because it utilizes Bluetooth technology, the blood pressure monitor allows for syncing to take place wirelessly, so there are no connections to get caught up in.

The cuff is made of high-quality, soft leather and comes in a single size that is adjustable to accommodate wrist circumferences ranging from 12.5 to 21 centimeters. I discovered that it can be put on quickly and that it fits snugly against the wrist without being uncomfortable. In addition to that, it doesn’t take too long to blow up.

The device is quite easy to operate and, in all essential respects, functions in the same way as any other blood pressure monitor. So let’s get right into it.

The circular on/off button for the OLED display is positioned directly next to the display itself. To activate your iCheck7, all you need to do is tap on this button. However, before you begin, you must ensure that the battery compartment is populated with two AAA batteries. With this amount of power, you should be able to perform approximately 300 tests, and you will receive a signal when the batteries are approximately 80% depleted.

The device is designed to only work with one person at a time. Even though the device may be used on its own, if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend downloading the software for either iOS or Android smartphones. After a quick search in the app store for the Braun Healthy Heart app, downloading it, answering a few questions, registering with an email account, and pairing the device using Bluetooth, you will be ready to use the product.

In the grand scheme of things, creating an account and logging in just takes a few minutes total. You can also set up reminders, share your results with other people, and sync the app with Apple Health if you use it. These are some of the additional benefits that come with using the app. Another advantage is that it gives you the ability to keep a permanent historical record of your readings.

At this juncture, it is important to emphasize once more that the device being discussed is a blood pressure monitor that is worn on the wrist. The location of such devices is particularly crucial due to the fact that the arteries in the wrist are more constricted and do not run as deeply beneath the skin as those in the forearm. In order to accomplish this goal, Braun developed an innovative positioning method called “ball in the hole.” In a nutshell, this makes certain that the monitor is at the same level as the heart. Just move your arm up or down to get the dot to line up with the moving white circle, and as soon as you do, the iCheck 7 will begin to inflate on its own since you have successfully reached the target.

It is essential that the cuff be maintained approximately 2 centimeters above the line of your elbow, on the inside of your wrist, and pointed in the appropriate direction. I made a couple of rookie mistakes in the beginning of the testing process by holding the device in the incorrect orientation, which led to readings that were off by a significant margin. Having said that, once it was in the appropriate place, the iCheck 7 never failed to produce an accurate result. If you need a little reminder, the instructions for placement are also written on the band of the monitor, which is handy in case you forget something.

Now, remain calm and relaxed while sitting in a chair that supports your lower back. The process of the monitor performing its function will only take a few seconds at most. Along with your pulse, the display shows your diastolic and systolic blood pressure, which are both recorded according to the standard of mmHg. If there is a sign next to the pulse reading, this indicates that irregularities in your heart beat were identified. If there is no symbol next to the reading, this indicates that your heart beat was normal. Unless it happens regularly, in which case it can be an indication of a more serious issue, this could be because of movement or shaking that occurred during the measurement. It is in your best interest to talk to your doctor then.

If the Health Heart app is open while you are taking the measurement, the readings will instantly sync with your device using Bluetooth. There is no need to be concerned if your phone cannot be found. The iCheck 7 includes an on-board memory that can store up to one hundred different readings, and it displays the results of the measurements on an OLED display. Readings can be downloaded to the app at a later stage, at which point they will be removed from the device. Readings can be downloaded to the app at a later stage.

iCheck 7 assigns a color to each measurement, ranging from green to red, to indicate if the levels are normal or whether you have mild, moderate, or severe hypertension. This information is displayed for each measurement. These are derived from the suggested levels provided by the ESH (European Society of Hypertension) as well as the WHO (World Health Organization). The color coding is helpful since it gives you an idea, at a glance, of whether or not you are within the healthy range of values.

The associated smartphone app has the same color-labeling system as the main website. It is recommended that you take your readings at the same time of day and under the same conditions each and every time. This is due to the fact that blood pressure varies throughout the day, often being at its highest in the early morning and early afternoon and at its lowest during the night. In most cases, I will schedule multiple readings in succession. After that, a single precise reading is derived by averaging all of these results.

Go to the app on your smartphone if you want more specific information. In this section, you will be able to look at the history of your blood pressure in the form of a chart, a calendar, or an individual list.

Additionally, the app enables you to supply a little bit more lifestyle information with each reading. This encompasses things like food, exercise, mental state, amount of sleep, and medication. You are now able to comprehend how the choices you make affect your blood pressure thanks to these additional measurements.

Last but not least, if you want to show your readings to a medical professional or someone you care about, there is an option to export them. An email contains a presentation of them in the form of a table. To send, you need to do nothing more than fill out the “To” field. You can also set up reading reminders that will remind you to read at certain times.


I discovered that iCheck 7 is very simple to operate, functions without any hiccups, and takes measurements quite quickly. Because of this, it is quite convenient for testing blood pressure while traveling because it can be easily stored or slipped into a backpack or suitcase. When taking readings from the wrist, the device can be picky about how your arm is positioned, but this is to be expected given how important it is to have the wrist in the right position.

The outcomes are shown via color coding and are saved on the device itself. One of the best things about the Health Heart app is that it lets you add more health information and track how your measurements change over time.

You essentially want this to be the case when purchasing a monitor for your blood pressure. A device that requires little to no effort but nonetheless successfully completes the task at hand. I give it a resounding yes. Even though it’s important to keep an eye on your heart health at home, you shouldn’t think of it as a replacement for regular checkups with your primary care doctor.

Visit the website of Braun at for further details and information. It can also be purchased at Boots in the UK.

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