Review of the Donerton Smartwatch, Complete and Unbiased

You must be seeking an affordable smartwatch that possesses all of the necessary smart functions and is also capable of tracking your health and fitness in an accurate manner. There is no question that the Donerton is a superb timepiece for the price range. However, before you make your final choice, I will require that you read the entire review. This will ensure that you are fully informed of all of the product’s benefits, drawbacks, and other available options.

You will, as a result of this, have an overall viewpoint from the point of view of a customer on whether or not you should purchase this wristwatch.

One thing to keep in mind is that every smartwatch comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is not possible to include every function in an affordable smartwatch at this time. Therefore, you should only hunt for a wristwatch that can satisfy your essential needs.

What Can You Expect to Find in the Box? 

  • Donerton wristwatch by itself.
  • User manual
  • A wire for magnetic charging

Opinion in a Hurry 

In my view, the Donerton wristwatch is a good option for those individuals who are searching for an affordable smartwatch that can correctly measure their health and fitness. Regrettably, it does not come with its own built-in Geolocation, but it is able to make optimal use of the GPS on your phone in order to navigate and monitor your data. In addition, it features a total of 8 distinct modes, giving you plenty of options to switch things up during your workouts.

It monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns in addition to your exercise progress. It displays the results in three fundamental formats: deep rest, light sleep, and wake-up time, so that you may get a comprehensive understanding of your sleep. When compared with a genuine heart rate monitor, this gave different results for monitoring one’s heart rate. Because of the insignificance of the differences in the outcomes, it is not difficult to handle.

In addition, it provides both fundamental and sophisticated functions, both of which contribute to the simplification of our day-to-day activities. Take, for instance, the Control of Music, the Remote Camera, the Sedentary Reminders, and so on. Read through the in-depth review to obtain the specific information you want.

In addition to all of these features, it comes pre-installed with a touchpad LCD that has a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. The screen is approximately 1.4 inches in size. Even though it has such a large display, the smartwatch has a low power consumption, providing you with a battery life of seven days while it is actively being used and thirty days when it is in sleep mode.

In general, the Donerton is a good wristwatch for those who are just starting out or for anyone who is worried about their health. When it comes to providing high-end features at an affordable price, the Donerton smartwatch does not disappoint.


  • Long life of the battery
  • Keeping track of one’s health and fitness is quite accurate
  • Easy to carry about all day and not too heavy for your comfort.
  • 8 major sports modes
  • IP67 waterproof certification


  • Minimum customizable options
  • Sometimes fails to properly count the steps.
  • There is no built-in GPS.


Design and Publication 

The Donerton smartwatch has a far superior appearance to that of any other smartwatch available at this price point in terms of its design. It weighs perhaps close to 31 grammes and is held together by a pair of pleasant synthetic rubber straps that have improved resilience to ageing and corrosion.

You are able to personalise the appearance by selecting a new set of 20mm bands to replace the existing ones. The one that is contained within the box itself is of high quality and will serve you well for a considerable amount of time. Even when you sweat, it doesn’t bother where it rests on your wrist, and I haven’t had any form of skin irritation as a result of using this watch.

A home button is located on the right frame of the wristwatch, and it can be used to traverse the many menus and settings that are available. The heart rate sensor is located on the back of the smartwatch, and it is accompanied by a magnetic charging port. This smartwatch may give the impression that it has a display that goes all the way to the edges, but it does not. It sports a touchscreen LCD that is 1.4 inches in size and has broad bezels.

The pixel density of 240 x 240 gives the panels an appearance that is both more vivid and crisper. Even when I’m outside, the display on my Donerton smartwatch is fairly bright, so this hasn’t been a problem at all. Because it possesses qualities that prevent reflection, you won’t have any problems seeing clearly even when the sun is shining brightly. The touch response makes it easy to navigate the screen in any direction you want.

Display and design specifications for the Donerton smartwatch, which are technical in nature:

  • Size of the Display: 1.4 Inches
  • LCD displays with touchscreen functionality
  • Resolution - 240 × 240 pixels
  • The weight of the item is 31 grams.
  • Monitoring Your Health, Fitness, and Activities

Donerton digital watch Monitoring Your Health, Fitness, and Activities


A smartwatch is identical to a conventional watch in all respects if it does not have the functions for which we pay more. And this is where this Donerton wristwatch really shines: in its ability to stand apart.

Monitor the Heart Rate

The Donerton wristwatch comes equipped with a sensor that can record the electrical activity of your heart as well as check for a variety of cardiac diseases. This sensor is a specialised heart rate monitoring sensor. As opposed to other optical sensors present in most smartwatches in this price range, this sensor provides a more accurate readout of the wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure. When it is measuring the pulse rate in real-time, the heart rate sensor gives out green glowing light.

Sleep tracker

The software that comes with the Hero Band III does not need you to manually set a curfew for yourself. Instead, it gathers its data from sensors that monitor your heart rate and movements. Your light sleep, deep sleep, and wake-up time are all monitored by the Donerton wristwatch, which then provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleep cycle. In addition to that, this contributes to a greater comprehension of your health.

Testing of GPS and Its Accuracy

Because the Donerton wristwatch does not have a built-in GPS, you will need to use the GPS on your phone to link it to the watch while using different sports modes outside, such as running or cycling. This will allow the smartwatch to monitor routes taken and the distance travelled.

GPS can also assist you in precisely measuring the progress of your workouts. When it comes to precision, the Donerton smartwatch doesn’t do too poorly in our tests. In general, it works out just fine; the precision of the GPS is not quite as good as it could be, but neither is it particularly poor.

Monitoring of Physical Efforts

Your chances of living a long and healthy life are significantly increased if you maintain healthy body weight and engage in daily physical activity. In light of the present COVID scenario, maintaining one’s health is of the utmost importance. In this regard, the Donerton wristwatch is an invaluable tool for tracking a variety of data, including the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, exercise minutes, and more.

The calories tracker provides reasonably precise and in-depth insights into the number of calories expended, however, it does not provide any information on the number of calories consumed. During my testing, I discovered that the stride counter does not always provide accurate readings. But the vast majority of the time, it operates without a hitch.

Sports modes

The Donerton wristwatch comes equipped with a total of eight distinct sports modes, including walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, badminton, football, and basketball. You won’t need your smartphone in order to make use of these modes; simply scroll down until you reach the exercise area, and then activate the mode that corresponds to the activity that you will be beginning your workout with.

Donerton Smartwatch: A Look at Its Functions and Features 

Notifications of Intelligence 

After you have paired this smartwatch with your smartphone using the Herobandiii app, you will be able to get all of your alerts, including text messages and phone calls, directly on the watch itself. This is a really useful function that is included with the Donerton smartwatch.

One of the obvious drawbacks of this wristwatch is that it does not allow you to answer incoming phone calls. Plus, you can’t offer replies to messages. You shouldn’t have any expectations of getting any of these capabilities at a price in this range. However, if you want to respond to the texts you receive, you will need a wristwatch that is specifically designed for texting in order to do so.

Remote Camera 

The Donerton wristwatch provides its users with a remote camera capability as an additional useful amenity. You may take selfies or images remotely from the wristwatch with this feature; all you have to do to capture the moment is shake your wrist or touch the screen. It’s possible that it won’t be helpful to everyone. Who cares though, because you are not shelling out any additional cash to get it.

Music control

Because of the convenient music control option, road trips are now so stress-free and entertaining that I no longer need to use my smartphone to make the most of my time behind the wheel. If you already have a TWS headset and a Donerton wristwatch, then you don’t need anything more to get started. Your wrist might serve as a control centre for the music that is now playing on your smartphone.


The Donerton smartwatch has a water resistance certification of IP67. The manufacturer of this wristwatch says that it can be worn even when the user is swimming in a pool. Even though it comes with a sports mode specifically designed for swimming, I would advise against wearing it while swimming.

I have attempted it once, and the results were a little bit awkward to touch. Even when everything works out in the end, there is still a possibility that it might cause a significant problem. Even though it may be worn in wet conditions, such as rain and showers, it is strongly advised that you do not use it for swimming.

Sedentary Reminder 

Another fascinating feature that assists you in maintaining a healthy way of life is one that periodically prompts you to get up, go for a walk, or engage in some other form of physical activity. Believe it or not, this function will be useful for you if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, spending most of your time in one location playing video games and watching television.

Look at the Faces 

Regarding the dials of watches, there is not a lot to comment on. There are just four different watch faces available when you first purchase it. You won’t even be able to change them using the HerobandIII app, and you certainly won’t be able to do it using any other programme.

How can I switch out the Bands on my Donerton Smartwatch?

Step 1: Unscrew the pins from their housings. 

With the use of a screwdriver, you must initially remove the pins from both sides of the smartwatch. This step is required to be completed first.

Step 2: Remove the safety pins by hand and with caution. 

After disassembling the pins, remove the pins carefully since it will be difficult to locate another set of pins in the market if you lose or break even one of the pins.

Step 3: Swap out the shoulder strap 

The next step is to attach the safety pins to the strap of your choice and then insert them into the appropriate slots on the smartwatch.

Other Equipment 

  • Find My Phone is an application that may locate your missing phone in the event that you misplaced it.
  • Brightness Adjuster - This feature gives you the ability to manually as well as automatically alter the brightness of your wristwatch.
  • Tap the stopwatch button to automatically record each minute of your exercise routine.
  • The use of an alarm clock will assist you in waking up at a reasonable hour each morning.

The Capabilities and Performance of the Donerton Smartwatch 

To say the very least, the performance of the Donerton smartwatch has gone above and beyond what was expected. In addition, the Donerton intelligent portion, which is powered by the next version of Wear OS, is responsible for operating the entire show here. The user interface has a really nicely designed and quick feel to it.

Another disappointing aspect is that you are unable to install any software developed by third parties, which prevents you from making full use of the system’s capabilities. You can’t install any third-party audio applications from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so you’ll have to manually upload your favourite songs to the watch or link the app to your smartphone in order to listen to music on it. This is another terrible aspect of the device.

The lifespan of the Donerton Smartwatch Battery 

You receive a wireless magnetic charging plug inside the box for charging, and since smartwatches are an investment for the long term, Donerton has been astute enough to integrate a slow charging speed to safeguard the health of the battery for years to come. It takes almost three hours to fully charge this extremely little 210 mAh battery that comes with the device.

In addition, it has a runtime of 5-7 days and may stay on standby for 30 days. These stats are acceptable for a smartwatch with a lower price point, such as the Donerton. The following is a list of the Donerton smartwatch’s total battery usage over the course of a day.

A Sneak Peek at the Donerton Smartwatch App 

When you want to connect your smartphone to your Donerton wristwatch, the HerobandIII app will do the job for you. You may find the links for both Android and iOS devices further down this page. This software is compatible with versions of Android as high as 4.4 and iOS as high as 9.0 or later. The following are some of the benefits of utilising the app:

  • This app will provide you with improved and more in-depth information regarding your health.
  • Maintains an accurate record of your sleep patterns and monitoring.
  • Through the app, your wristwatch will notify you of incoming calls and display notifications.
  • You should use a soft alarm to start your morning.
  • You may record those precious moments by using the remote camera option.
  • How to Connect the Donerton Smartwatch to an Android or iOS Device?

You will first need to ensure that the HerobandIII app is installed on your mobile device before beginning the pairing procedure.

Note: When you’re connecting your smartwatch to your phone, make sure to take your time and not rush the process.

Step 1: Activate Your Bluetooth Device

First things first, check to see that the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone is indeed turned on.

Step-2 Open “Heroband III” App 

Launch the Heroband III app once Bluetooth has been activated on your device.

Step 3: Identify your Equipment and Connect It 

In the final step, you will need to touch the button that says “To Add.” After that, it will immediately begin searching for your smartwatch. If not, you will need to wait a bit longer because the process is often rather lengthy;

Questions That Are Typically Responded To (FAQs) 

How exactly does one ensure that the daily steps counter is reset to zero when the clock strikes midnight? 

At midnight, the wristwatch should automatically reset the number of steps you’ve taken, but if this doesn’t happen, you should try to reset the smartwatch.

What is the expected lifespan of the battery on the Donerton Smartwatch?

The Donerton smartwatch has a typical battery life of between 6 and 7 days. Altering the watch face from its factory setting, on the other hand, would cause the battery to run down faster.

Is it feasible to connect the health data on the iPhone to the feature that tracks sleep? 

Yes, using the app that was provided free of charge with the watch.

Is it possible to alter the time that is displayed on the Donerton Watch? 

Not at all; the time that is shown is determined by the watch’s face.

Notifications of incoming text messages are not being delivered to me. Are you sure that everything is activated on both the app and on my phone? 

Resetting the device and attempting to add it once more on the HerobandIII app, turning on SNS Alert, and selecting the applications for which you want notifications are the steps involved.

Is it possible to take and make calls with this watch, as well as read and reply to text messages? 

No. To accomplish this, you will need a wristwatch designed specifically for messaging.

What should you do if the accelerometer is not functioning properly? 

There are situations when tracking steps are missing. You may try to reset the smartwatch, and if you do it shouldn’t cause any problems for you.

Potential drawbacks to this: 

 When you weigh these drawbacks against the cost of the smartwatch, you will find that it provides you with much more than enough functionality as it is. Nevertheless, in order to make their product better, the Donerton organisation has to address the following issues, which are some of the drawbacks.

  • There is no function that uses elevating the wrist to wake up the screen that they have.
  • There are occasions when the step tracker is inaccurate.
  • The watch only has a few options for personalization.
  • Very few different dials for the watches
  • It may take a little while until you are linked to the app.
  • Upgrades are absolutely necessary for the app.

Final Verdict 

During the last two months, the Donerton wristwatch has been my constant companion and has served as a driving force behind my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase my level of physical activity. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your fitness and enhance your everyday routine. Check out this wristwatch if your finances are a little limited but you still want the greatest possible smartwatch. It has everything you could desire in a watch and more.

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