Withings Move User Opinions And Reviews

Withings Move User Opinions And Reviews

The Withings Move is an inexpensive hybrid smartwatch that can be easily customized. It tracks walking, running, swimming, and rest; however, certain corners have been taken because of the reduced price. For example, it doesn’t have a pulse screen and is made of more plastic. Despite this, it still has a Withings vibe to it.

The expense of the Withings Move is what sets it different. It’s substantially less expensive than the rest of the Withings series, at $70/£60. Previously, the Withings Steel started at $130/£120 and went up to $200/£190 for the Withings Steel HR Sport. Given that Withings sells leather straps for $50/£45, the Move’s price is even more remarkable.

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Withings has a great reputation for producing watches that look like traditional Smartwatches. The face is clear and easy to view, and the fast discharge bars allow for the use of any industry-standard strap. There are a lot of colors to choose from, and Withings has always been a bit conservative in this department. For the case and face, there are five options. In addition, depending on the version, there are four or five more strap options for each.

It’s smaller and lighter than most smartwatches. However, the plastic case, which lacks sapphire glass, is scratch-prone and demonstrates cost-cutting.


The watch face’s auxiliary dial keeps track of the time. The surveillance of one’s health on The Move. This is the percentage of daily step goals that have been met.

Each time the Health Mate app is accessed and the recorded steps are sent, the watch syncs with your smartphone. Adjusting takes about 10 seconds on average.

Because there is no display, GPS, pulse screen, or the ability to make phone calls, the period between charges is long - a fortnight or even a month.

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The Move’s Health Mate software is compatible with iOS and Android, just like all other Withings smartwatches. In general, Health Mate is a useful program that performs the bulk of the activities that the ordinary user needs and shows data effectively.

It displays information such as fitness progress, total rest, and typical rest daily and weekly. One of the features is an eight-week course designed to help customers sleep better while others track heart fitness and pregnancy. The ability to update two Withings watches with the same information is also a new feature for the Health Mate application.


Despite its low price, Withings’ exquisite house design is retained in the Move, making it an excellent pick for someone seeking their first cross-breed smartwatch/Fitness tracker.

It’s unquestionably a fantastic deal. It’s stylish, comes in various colors, can be customized with a variety of straps, and comes with the Health Mate app.

The plastic case is the only significant drawback.

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