Review - The Steel HR by Withings

Now more than ever, people are opting to use an activity tracker to keep records of their nutrition and workout routines. Many people, however, detest how the Fitbit Charge 3 sits on their wrists because it is made of plastic. The Withings Steel HR appears to be attempting to break the mould for a hybrid watch by combining a praiseworthy design with workout functionality.

The Watch Design 

Steel HR is a fitness wearable that looks and feels like a wristwatch. It’s a beautiful timepiece to use, and it’s a little thinner than other manufacturers. It features an attractive design and sturdy construction that gadgets like the Withings Activite Pop and Withings Go lacked. The 36mm watch dial is offered in black or white, whereas the 40mm watch front is only supplied in black. There is a rose gold gadget with a black or white wrist watch display available in the 36mm variant.


Withings has created a terrific wristwatch with a tonne of functions, and the Steel HR’s heart rate tracker underneath is among the most important aspects. This function continuously and accurately monitors a user’s heartbeat every half an hour. Liquid-resistant, the Withings Steel HR may be used inside the water. The gadget keeps track of aquatic activity and calculates distances.

The Withings Steel wristwatch tracks sleeping and relaxation habits, which is unsurprising given its array of health functions. Moreover, the device’s battery capacity allows customers to carry it to sleep without having to charge it every evening. The sleeping monitoring system assesses how well a person has slept by measuring pulse and determining the range of momentum while sleeping. It isn’t the most pleasant equipment to wear to bed, but it is precise in determining how well a person sleeps.

The Withings Steel HR is unlikely to measure your wellness as closely as some other monitors, but it will keep a record of your walks and workout routines. In contrast to comparable smartwatches, the Withings Steel HR exhibited exact activity monitoring and standard grade findings upon inspection.

Battery Life 

The Steel HR is expected to last 25 days, according to Withings, and upon evaluation, the device looked to provide a similar level of power. The product’s battery capacity is, of course, dependent on how often people are using the heartbeat highlights. After tests, it was discovered that the gadget could last for nearly a full month on a single battery recharge. The Withings Steel has a far better cell life than the Fitbit Charge 2, that only lasts three or four days.


To begin with, the Withings Steel HR is a fashionable, well-made wristwatch with an easy-to-use phone app. The device’s health functions are precise and simple to use. The ‘normal’ wristwatch design serves to conceal the device as a fitness band, letting people to use it in various contexts such as when out to eat or at work. The Steel HR is compatible with a variety of iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as the Withings Health Mate app, which displays daily data. In comparison to some other manufacturers, the battery capacity on this smartphone is remarkable, lasting just over a month. The wristwatch can be charged quickly with a fast charger and does not require watch cells.


The Withings Steel HR is a nicely crafted timepiece. Nevertheless, when compared to other products such as the Ticwatch E or Fitbit Charge 3, it is relatively pricey for an activity monitor with minimal workout capabilities. The Steel HR may appear tiny to conventional watch enthusiasts, and the lever concealed as a head may confuse people. Moreover, the monitor that displays pulse rate statistics is rather tiny, and consumers will not be able to get all of the information from the wristwatch itself. Users will need to download the accompanying app to their cellphones in order to see the statistics.


The Withings Steel HR is a stylish watch with a plethora of fitness functions. The Activité Fly could be a good option for individuals looking for a fitness band that is less expensive than the Steel HR but has all of the same capabilities. It’s substantially less expensive than the Steel HR and has a much larger internal battery. The pulse rate tracking, on the other hand, is below ideal, and the device is less interesting compared to the Withings Steel HR.

The Fitbit Charge 3, a Fitbit rival, is perhaps one of the greatest activity trackers on the market. It offers a strong combination of exercise functions at a smaller price than watches.

To Conclude 

Overall, Withings excels at designing fitness trackers disguised as watches, and the Withings Steel HR is no exception. Some of the fusion options available are undeniably getting more expensive, and given the vast price, the Steel HR is a wiser choice than other Fitbit gadgets. The Withings Steel HR, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone who is serious about exercise. This is a wristwatch for folks who don’t have a lot of extreme demands but yet like it because it looks like a regular watch.

Nevertheless, the timepiece is of excellent calibre, and customers will be compelled to utilise it on a regular basis. The watch features a traditional watch style that allows users to use it in a range of scenarios. Other workout styles aren’t included in the Steel HR, which is a shame. Finally, if customers’ regular activity patterns are confined to strolling, jogging, and swimming, this device will work effectively for them.

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