Garmin Vivomove Sport, 3, 3S, and Style User Opinions and Reviews

Garmin Vivomove Sport, 3, 3S, and Style User Opinions and Reviews

Garmin’s hybrid smartwatch, the vivomove, is now available in four distinct iterations: the Garmin vivomove Sport, 3, 3S, and Style. The Luxe version was previously available from but is no longer sold there. It was covered in our vivomove Luxe review. In this review of the vivomove Sport, we focus on the Sport hybrid watch, which is a smartwatch that is just the right size and is ideal for someone wanting to purchase their first piece of wearable technology.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most notable aspects of the vivomove hybrid Sport, such as the advanced technology that’s built into the watch, the distinguishing characteristics of the Sport model, and the streamlined, timeless design of the watch, which makes it an excellent option for dressing formally or casually.

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The vivomove Sport Is the Ideal Smartwatch for First-Time Wearers

Those interested in switching from traditional analog watches to digital smartwatches will find the Garmin vivomove Sport hybrid watch to be an excellent option. This watch is both thin and lightweight, and it gives you the option of tracking analog or digital time. The digital features are hidden beneath the analog display, giving the watch a classic look.

The pricing point of the vivomove range of watches is another reason it is an excellent choice for people new to the world of smartwatches. At a price range of $229.99 to $419.99, the Garmin vivomove smartwatch is one of the company’s more reasonably priced options. Garmin’s Fenix watches, such as the most recent Fenix 7x, may cost more than $1,000. Garmin’s Forerunner models, such as the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE, can cost anywhere from $250 to $850. Even Garmin’s most basic sports watches cost more than $400. Mainly, the vivomove Sport edition is offered at a lower price than that of virtually any other Garmin smartwatch. This is because it is a hybrid, but the affordable price does not change the fact that this compact hybrid is still a feature-packed sports watch.

Vivomove Sport Includes Smartwatch Functionality

The vivomove Sport has several valuable features that may encourage you to give it a try, like Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to link to your phone’s GPS or music controls, Find My Phone/Watch capabilities, and intelligent notification capabilities.

Tracking and Monitoring For Your Protection

The ability of most of Garmin’s innovative wearable technology to track your whereabouts and keep you safe is one of the reasons why the company’s products are so well suited for sports and exercises that take place outside. These take advantage of the Bluetooth connection between your watch and your phone and GPS signals to assist loved ones in staying in contact with you even when you are by yourself. The safety features on the vivomove Sport are only active while you are using Garmin Connect to track activity. This is also the location where your information for emergency contacts is saved.

It’s possible that LiveTrack will become the feature that you use the most on your vivomove Sport. This function enables you to select specific people to receive updates on your location and step count while you’re working out. In the event that something takes place, you can instantly get in touch with them, and they will be aware of where you are and how to locate you. The Assistance feature operates in a similar manner, except that your contacts are not following your whereabouts in real-time; instead, they will only learn your location if you choose to communicate it to them. Incident Detection is the final feature that Garmin has included on the vivomove. Suppose your watch detects any sudden pauses in tracking or monitoring during certain activities. In that case, this feature will notify specific contacts, along with your location and a pre-written message, and send it to those people.

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Functions for Monitoring Patients’ Health

All of the vivomove models are equipped with the same heart monitoring functions, including the ability to receive notifications in the event that your wrist-based tracking reveals an abnormally high or low heart rate. The Sport has an additional feature that allows it to monitor the rate at which your body breathes. Monitoring your heart rate and your respiration might go hand in hand. The monitoring of your respiration will try to keep track of every time you inhale and exhale by actually monitoring your respiratory sinus arrhythmia. Given the price of the vivomove Sport, this is an impressively cutting-edge piece of fitness technology to have included.

Monitoring of Physical Activity and Effort

There is a lot to keep an eye on on your wrist while you are participating in the various activities that you can track using Garmin Connect, your vivomove Sport, and your smartphone. On the vivomove Sport, you have access to all of the same data collection options that are available on the other vivomove models. These options include HR Zones, Alerts, Calories, percent HR Max, Auto Lap, and VO2 Max. GPS Speed and Distance and Physio TrueUp data are the only two sets of information that can be found in the Sport model (an in-depth way to organize and analyze your health data across multiple devices).

Pilates and Breathwork are two of the Gym Activity Profiles that are included, which is one more than the other vivomove watches in the series. In conjunction with monitoring the wearer’s breathing rate, these play an essential role. This one is the sole activity tracking function that can differentiate it from other hybrid vivomove watches.

Nevertheless, several additional elements further contribute to the fitness allure of the Sports hybrid.

Features Relating to Women’s Health

Women can benefit from the vivomove line of watches by using the watch’s menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy monitoring capabilities. The cycle tracker enables you to keep a record of your symptoms as well as nutritional data, and it can alert you to any inconsistencies in the timing of the arrival of your period. The pregnancy tracker offered by Garmin allows you to record your activity level, nutrition, emotional symptoms, and physical symptoms (such as nausea or contractions) throughout all three trimesters of your pregnancy.

The vivomove Sport Hybrid Watch’s Uniquely Stylish Design

The vivomovGarmin’s brand in general, and the vivomove series in particular, are helping the company stand out among the competition of smart wearables. E-Sport is now available for purchase from Garmin in the following color configurations: a chocolate case with peach gold accents, a black case with slate accents, and a cool mint casing with silver accents. These are new color options that are considerably more muted in comparison to prior Garmin smartwatches, and they are matched by a silicone band that is really comfortable to wear. Garmin’s b-reinforced polymer used in the production of the bezel on the vivomove Sport is an excellent shock-absorbing material that safeguards the chemically enhanced glass on the Sport. Because of its construction and materials, the vivomove Sport is not only the most compact member of the vivomove hybrid family but also the most lightweight (the others feature stainless steel bezels instead of polymer). It is approximately 5-10 grams lighter than the other three models of the vivomove watch.

Touchscreen functionality is integrated into the glass watch face that has an OLED display. The resolution is lower than that of a full smartwatch since users do not require an extremely high-resolution display to take advantage of the functions offered by a hybrid watch. The newest edition of the vivomove watch, the Style, is the only one that has a high resolution.

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The Conclusion of Our vivomove Sport Review

We are confident in saying that the Garmin Sport hybrid watch is an excellent buy for the money. Garmin gives you a tonne of health and safety features, a Bluetooth and GPS connection via your phone, a classic analog choice, and a touch screen, all of which are wrapped up in a lightweight, robust, and stylish compact. All of this is included in the affordable price that Garmin offers.

Obviously, not all smartwatches or Garmin aficionados will be interested in this hybrid model. If you are searching for a more rigid and durable design, or if you don’t place a high priority on Style and pricing, Garmin provides a wide variety of multisport watches that are frequently praised for their quality and performance.

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