Reviewing the Casio PRO Trek Smart: Everything a Man Needs in One Watch

Casio recently presented the industry with its most up-to-date smartwatch, called the Casio PRO Trek Smart. The Casio Pro Trek Smart is an updated version of the original Casio Pro Trek watch. This time around, it’s an outdoor smartwatch with GPS capabilities that are powered by Android Wear 2.0.

This digital watch was explicitly made for long-distance journeys, outdoor hiking, and other rough-and-tumble activities. Whether you require GPS, a compass, Android Wear, or movement monitoring, it can provide all of those things for you.

Let’s dive into its nitty-gritty and see if it can assist a genuine explorer.

Build and Design

Because of its military-grade structure and water resistance of up to 50 meters (5 ATM), the Pro Trek is designed to function in the most challenging situations, including rainy dampness as well as bright sun.

It features a 1.32-inch touchscreen with a protective coating and a dual-layer display mode that can switch between full color and monochrome. The design is reminiscent of the iconic Casio G-Shock watches, both in terms of shape and aesthetic.

The band of this smartwatch is sufficiently broad to accommodate wearers with larger wrists, and it also has a good amount of weight to it, giving it the impression of being relatively solid when it is worn. Almost 100 grams is what the whole thing weighs!

There is a choice between the colors black and orange for you to make. In our perspective, there is no contest; the black model is superior in every way.


Mode capable of powerful dual display

The LCD Display on the Pro Trek has two layers of information. One is a color LCD with all the colors, which helps view color maps, events, and navigation. The other display is a monochromatic liquid crystal display (LCD) used for display modes and simple functions that can still be seen (to save battery life).

Offline GPS Support

There is no guarantee that a mobile connection will be accessible in more remote areas. Because of this, an in-built offline GPS is provided to assist you in maintaining your location even when there is no data connection available. It utilizes a low-power GPS system that uses Russian GLONASS, Japanese Michibiki, and American GPS to deliver exact positioning in the color display. This system was developed in Japan.

Android Wear 2.0

The smartphone gives you access to essential Android functionality as well as a large number of applications from the Google Play Store. The majority of the apps you typically use, including Google Assistant, Music, Google Fit, Google Play, Facebook, Messenger, Uber, and WhatsApp, will be accessible to you for your convenience.

Quad Sensors

The Pro Trek is equipped with four sensors, each of which provides an accurate reading of the compass, barometer, and altimeter (without needing a smartphone).

Fitness Tracker

There are a variety of outdoor activity-tracking features available for it, and they can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android Wear. Some of these functions include swimming, paddling, hiking, and trekking.

Quartz Movement

It does it by utilizing a quartz crystal that is electrically powered. To preserve the precision of the time, it will oscillate nonstop at the appropriate frequency.

The Military Standard

The Pro Trek weighs 810 grams, is water-resistant up to 50 meters, and is constructed out of military-grade materials. This watch is ready for action in the field! In point of fact, it reaches the standard that military hardware must achieve in order to be referred to as “field ready.”


The synchronizing process with a mobile device runs smoothly and without any problems. It functions faultlessly on mobile devices with operating systems of iOS 8.2 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher. Additionally supported are connections made via Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi.

Battery Capacity

The Casio Pro Trek Smart battery life is sufficient, taking into account its specs. It boasts one of the best battery lives available, with GPS, turned on, lasting for more than a whole day on a single charge. The most important function is that of a wristwatch; even when the GPS is turned off, it will continue to function for up to a month.

Any of the features that are meant to extend the battery’s life, such as the second monochromatic LCD display and the low-power GPS, are included here.

Solar panels will be the perfect way to extend the battery life, even more when you’re out in the middle of nowhere in a potential future edition. Nevertheless, I imagine that it adds quite a bit to the cost.

Is there a justification for the price?

There is little doubt that the Pro Trek will be among the most advanced military-grade smartwatches released this year. It has excellent battery life, a refined user interface, Android Wear 2.0, GPS, an activity monitor, and a whole host of other fascinating features.

In this particular scenario, a heart rate sensor is not present. On the other hand, is it really suitable for this particular model of watch? Outdoor enthusiasts who participate in running, climbing, and hunting are the target market for Casio’s products. Should they really be required to carry around a cardiac monitor at all times? Even though it is essential information to have, I do not believe that this particular issue is of the utmost importance. It’s going to be great for runners, but what about hikers? Additionally, the battery’s lifespan will be drastically decreased as a result.

The length of time a single charge may last is also really astounding. The lithium-ion battery does an outstanding job, especially considering how energy-intensive the features are.

The price of this watch is comparable to that of an Apple Watch, yet it is absolutely justified for a particular subset of consumers. It is not a tool that would be useful for the average city inhabitant. In addition, it is built for individuals who are in need of accurate maps and a compass; it is a strict watch that has been well-planned and exceptionally crafted for a particular audience.

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