ROCKUBOT: Destroy germs & airborne viruses from your surroundings

In a previous article, we discussed the frighteningly high bacterial contamination that can be found in hotel rooms. You could possibly refer to them as places that breed filth! You might not be as alone as you think when you go to bed tonight. It appears that remote controllers for televisions are the most problematic. Some of these minuscule creepy-crawlies can be quite hazardous, while others have the potential to trigger colds, allergies, or rashes.

This issue can be addressed with the assistance of the pocket-sized robot known as ROCKUBOT. This tiny device travels along surfaces while emitting UV-C light and using ultrasonic wave technology to kill bacteria, germs, and mites as it goes. The ROCKUBOT can reportedly eliminate 99.99 per cent of bacteria, pathogens, and mites in a matter of seconds, as stated on its Kickstarter page.

In terms of its hardware, the gizmo is equipped with a total of 24 AI sensors, as well as ultrasonic wave innovation and 4 UV-C lamps. In addition, there is a power bank with a capacity of 5200 mAh and wireless charging so that you may charge your device without having to plug it in.

ROCKUBOT is a lightweight and simple robot that only requires you to turn it on before using it. You might want to begin with the bed that you are staying on. After you have placed the device in the middle of the sheets and turned it on, it will clean in both directions simultaneously. When it is finished, put it on top of the blanket so that it can continue to clean while it is there.

UV-C light is a method that does not involve the use of any chemicals in order to kill or disable the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other diseases. It works in conjunction with ultrasonic vibrations, which are effective against bacteria and mites. Since the ultrasonic waves have a frequency that is higher than 20,000 Hz, they are inaudible to people and animals, yet they are effective at driving away insects.

It is able to manoeuvre and avoid falling, and obstacles because of the various sensors that are embedded throughout its length. You have the option of using either the automated or the manual mode. The first method functions much like an intelligent vacuum that navigates its way over a surface. The second method is effective for cleaning a variety of devices, including but not limited to TV remote controls, cell phones, keyboards, and other children’s toys.

The device appears to be very similar to Cleansebot, however, it has somewhat improved specifications. Unfortunately, this one has been held up by a number of different delays.

The crowdfunding effort to make ROCKUBOT a fact has raised ten times the very modest $5,000 goal it had set for itself with just under a month to go. If everything goes smoothly with production, you will be able to purchase a unit for the price of $119, and it will be

delivered to you in November of this year. Warnings should always be heeded when it comes to projects supported through crowdsourcing.

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