RunScribe Plus Allows You to Record and Analyze the Biomechanics of Your Running Form

RunScribe Plus Allows You to Record and Analyze the Biomechanics of Your Running Form

The newest iteration of RunScribe’s sprinting evaluation application, called RunScribe Plus, is now available for pre-order.

The lightweight device may be attached to the heel of your footwear or the shoelaces, and it records your motions using a 9-axis sensor at a sampling rate of 500 Hz. It is able to analyze progress, evaluate risk, and evaluate the influence of coaching on posture and symmetry since it does millions of computations for each stride.

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The measurements are quite specific because of the fact that the RunScribe Plus arrives with individual pods for each leg. This covers Symmetry, Motion (Footstrike Type, Pronation, and Pronation Velocity), Shock (Impact Gs and Braking Gs), and Efficiency (Stride Rate, Contact Time, and Flight Ratio).

In addition, energy statistics are now supported by RunScribe. Running Power is the quantity of energy necessary to maintain speed, regardless of whether you are running on a treadmill, up a steep hill, or even out for a brisk jog. Running Power may be increased by increasing your running distance and intensity. You can use it to improve how well you run, check your health and form, figure out how much time and effort you need to put into training and make sure you are racing at the best speed.

It is essential to note that the business has, for the very first time, opened up its technology platform so that users may access real-time measurements via ANT/ANT+ on Garmin Connect IQ (Forerunner, Fenix, and Vivoactive) and Suunto Connect IQ (Ambit, Spartan). This resolves a significant objection that was levelled against the service.

Your sessions are stored in the onboard flash storage that has a capacity of 16 GB, and you can wirelessly sync your data using Bluetooth Smart on an iOS or Android device. The battery capacity of this device, which is 16 hours, is identical to that of its forerunner. However, this should be more than enough to keep you going for a week or two of exercising without any problems.

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You may contrast runs with this handy little monitor to show how key metrics change over time, the influence that certain factors, such as topography, shoe type, or length, could have on important indicators, and how your important parameters contrast with the median from the runScribe community.

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