Runtopia releases the Runtopia S1, its first GPS sports watch


The first-ever GPS running watch has been released by smart sports and fitness business Runtopia. The item is presently available on Amazon Prime for $99 and will soon sell for $129 in stores.

Runtopia releases the Runtopia S1, their first GPS smartwatch.

The company’s app, which enables users to log and analyze running data and register for events like online marathons, is its best-known product. Around their software, Runtopia developed a sizable and devoted fanbase. There are currently more than 2,000,000 of them from more than 260 nations.

REACH, a pair of smart running shoes, was just released by the company. As you run, the shoes assess your running form and provide immediate, real-time auditory feedback.

Runtopia has since shifted its focus, though. Its first wrist wearable, the S1, is a GPS running watch that is incredibly cheap.

The slim device sports a rubber strap and a 47mm zinc alloy case. You may wear it rain or shine because of its 3 ATM water resistance rating. Do not, however, anticipate that this running watch will track your swimming laps. Running is the only sport, and there are two types: indoor and outdoor.

Runtopia releases the Runtopia S1, their first GPS smartwatch.

The device is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and GLONASS. So far, very ordinary fare.

It should come as no surprise that the watch has been made to function with the Runtopia app given its large fan base. Based on their pace, speed, distance, and heart rate in real time, users can receive audio coaching while running. The vast user base will also be advantageous to them.

The extremely extended battery life is a major selling element in addition to the affordable pricing and well-liked software. The watch has a standby time of almost a month and an 8-hour GPS runtime. sufficient for two marathons (for some).

Vivien Jiang, the company’s international director, stated that Runtopia intends to make smart sports and fitness accessible to everyone.

The introduction of our first wristwatch is a significant step toward Runtopia providing a full line of devices to assist consumers in getting the most out of their workouts.

The device, which works with iOS and Android, also has an alarm clock, a compass, and notifications. Don’t anticipate the complete smartwatch experience, though; this is primarily a running watch.

Currently, only the US can purchase Runtopia S1 (Amazon link). Although there is no definite date yet, it should soon travel to Europe and other nations. Keep an eye out for our comprehensive review because we plan to test the watch soon.


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