Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 firmware update activates SmartThings Find

The new firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 includes a plethora of improvements. The SmartThings Find feature and automatic hand washing tracking are two of them.

Some consumers have begun to receive the software, but not all. You’ll have to wait a while if you don’t see it in your area o on your phone.

What’s new and improved in this version?

The update includes a large number of enhancements. There are enhancements to the Samsung Health Function in addition to the standard system stability and reliability fixes. You may now participate in a group walking challenge with your pals and track your progress. At home, there are a range of workout routines to choose from.

Samsung claims to have improved its auto workouts. They should now be able to distinguish between running, rowing, elliptical, and other types of exercise.

Hand washing is enabled in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 firmware update.

Another enhancement is what the business refers to as SmartThings Find. It will allow you to locate the watch on a map, as it was announced last year. It’s especially useful for people who keep misplacing their phones. Furthermore, if the watch is connected to your phone, Bluetooth Low-Energy will ping adjacent devices to assist you locate it.

Surprisingly, the firm has stated that the My Phone “Locate phone” service would be discontinued on March 15th. SmartThings Find is most likely to take its place.

Finally, Samsung has added automatic tracking for hand washing. Covid is not going away anytime soon, and we must continue to maintain proper cleanliness. Handwashing thoroughly numerous times during the day is a key component of this. One of the most efficient ways to destroy viruses on your hands is to use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand massage.

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