Samsung has Officially Launched the Galaxy Watch

Samsung recently presented the fashionable Galaxy Watch, an enhanced version of its previously released Gear series of watches. It has a price tag that is commensurate with its features, which include connectivity via LTE, full fitness smarts, GPS, and resistance to water. However, there were hardly any genuine surprises.

It is safe to assume that the wristwatch wasn’t the most closely guarded secret in the history of the globe. To add insult to injury, Samsung itself accidentally published some of the images a few days ago on the United States-based version of its website. But during the Unpacked event that the corporation is doing today, every last detail has been made public and official.

The clock is available in two dimensions, the first being 42 millimeters and the second being 46 millimeters. Both use an OLED display with 360 pixels by 350 pixels, but the 46mm version has greater screen real estate than the 1.2-inch version does (1.3 inches versus 1.2 inches).

The larger version has space for more battery capacity than the smaller one. The contraption has a 472 mAH cell tucked away inside of it, which provides enough power to keep it running for an entire week. This is especially astounding, taking into consideration that the display is always active and contains full-color content. Apple still has something to strive toward because the 270mAH battery that comes with the smaller model is enough to last for three days.

There will be a Bluetooth-only variant of the timepiece, in addition to an LTE variant. The Bluetooth version has only 750MB of RAM, but the LTE version has 1.5GB.

This is primarily a device for the purpose of fitness. Accelerometer, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and barometer are just a few of the activity monitoring sensors that it possesses. You can therefore anticipate the typical numbers of steps, distance, floors, calories, and activity levels. This helps to keep track of up to 40 different exercises, as well as the ability to swim, owing to a water-resistance rating of 5 ATM.

Tracking your stress levels is quickly becoming an essential feature for any decent fitness equipment. The Galaxy Watch will tell you how calm you currently are, and it comes with exercises that will help you remain calm. The ability to track how much food and water you eat and drink is an interesting feature, and it’s likely that this will be done through a smartphone app.

Unfortunately, the rumours that there was an integrated blood pressure monitor did not turn out to be true. A patent application for exactly such a device was just recently submitted by the corporation. The Galaxy Watch, on the other hand, has built-in GPS so you can work out without a phone, NFC so you can make payments, and LTE so you can stay connected and stream music while you’re on the go.

“The upcoming Galaxy Watch was crafted for all ways of life to help deal with the customers, along with more increased battery life to help consumers stay in touch for long periods of time, and improved health and wellbeing monitoring to help consumers uphold their goals – we are going to deliver them with linked experiences, all at the direct contact of a wrist,” Samsung said in a statement. DJ Koh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics’ IT and Mobile Communications Division, made the statement.

Later this month, the Bluetooth-only version will be made available for purchase in both the United States and Korea. Expect the LTE version to become available later on in the year.

You’ll need to start saving now because the price of the new timepiece on Samsung’s website starts at $329.99. If you make your purchase before September 8th, 2018, Samsung will include a free additional watch band in your package. You may also buy it on Amazon if you want.

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