Samsung Seems to Be Considering Purchasing Nokia's Health Business

Samsung Seems to Be Considering Purchasing Nokia's Health Business

It appears that Samsung has been one of four businesses vying for the opportunity to acquire Nokia Health. This is what the French daily Le Monde had to say about it. Les Echos just put out an article that was similar to this one, so this story is like it.

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Both of these pieces highlight the fact that the French government has been putting a lot of pressure on Nokia to transfer to a French buyer for some time now. This is partly indicative of the fact that Nokia’s health section is fundamentally Withings, a French firm that is widely regarded as one of the industry’s forerunners in terms of wearable technology. It looks like the government wants to support artificial intelligence that is made in the United States.

The French companies, on the other hand, will face severe competition from giants such as Google Nest and Samsung. It is not certain who will come out on top, but what is certain is that the market will pay a significantly lower price than the 170 million euros that the large telecoms company spent for Withings.

At the beginning of the year 2018, Nokia published a brief press statement in which it stated that it had begun an investigation into the various strategic options available for its digital health sector. Kathrin Buvac, Nokia’s Chief Strategy Officer, recently told the company’s employees that the electronic health part of the business is having trouble scaling and meeting the growth goals that were set for it.

It’s possible that Nokia Health may find a new home at either Samsung or Google. The former company markets a variety of wearables and fitness trackers, in addition to the open-source Tizen operating system that it develops. On the other hand, it is said that Google is thinking about starting a business in the fitness and health market.

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To this point, Nokia has chosen not to comment on a possible business partnership.

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