Samsung Submits a Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch Patent

Samsung Submits a Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch Patent

None of the smartwatches can detect your blood pressure, but they can track your steps, heart rate, and sleep. Certainly not with great accuracy. However, it appears that a Samsung smartwatch in the near future might be able to pull it off.

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The likelihood of having a heart attack rises with high blood pressure, or hypertension. A third of affected people may be unaware of a problem because there are no overt symptoms. One in three adults is impacted. While self-checking is not a replacement for medical attention, being able to regularly check your blood pressure and, more significantly, track it over time is very helpful in determining how dietary, exercise, and other changes affect your health.

Even with the introduction of linked health gadgets, taking blood pressure still requires a cuff to be tightened around the arm or wrist. The Omron HeartGuide is the closest thing we have to a blood pressure-tracking smartwatch. This is the first watch-sized sphygmomanometer that will be available later this year and promises readings that are just as precise as those from upper arm devices. But it still requires self-inflation. Simply said, everything has been scaled down.

The electronics juggernaut Samsung may have discovered a new method of taking measures, as evidenced by its patent. It operates by projecting polarized light and then detecting the strength of the dispersed light, much like the light sensor used for heart rate sensors. If the technology works as expected, you will be able to continuously check your blood pressure from your wrist.

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The Samsung Gear X watch is depicted in the patent drawings.

Samsung submitted a blood pressure monitoring smartwatch patent.

Another concern is if this technology actually enters the market. Don’t be too dismayed if you don’t see it in the upcoming Samsung watches; companies sometimes submit patents that are never used. However, technology is unstoppable in its advancement. Blood pressure monitoring will undoubtedly become a basic feature of any mediocre smartwatch in just a few years.

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