Samsung's latest QLED TVs include an AI trainer

Samsung has included a Smart Trainer in its latest Smart QLED TV models’ health features.

As we reported last summer, The Health app has been made available for Samsung QLED televisions that have been available for purchase since April 2020. Over 250 instructional workout videos from barre3, Calm, Fitplan, Jillian Michaels Fitness, and others are available on the platform, which has over 5,000 hours of material.

Samsung’s 2020 smart TV lineup will include a health app.

The Samsung Health app has undergone a number of changes. Many modifications were made to Android Wear version 6, in particular. The app has a number of useful features that might assist you in improving your health. You can examine your exercise and activity history to ensure that you lose weight in a healthy manner. There are other elements for women’s wellness, such as menstrual cycle tracking.

Samsung phones come with a fitness tracking hub, but it can also be installed on other Android smartphones. Select Smart TVs have been available since last year. All of this, as well as premium classes and more, is available to those who own one of the latest Samsung Smart TVs.

To use the app on smart TV models, you must first download and install it as a companion app on your smartphone. This app is available on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Now, the company has announced that it will add a Smart Trainer to its TVs to improve their health tracking capabilities. On one side of the screen, the virtual trainer will appear, while on the other, a real-time video of you will appear. The AI will assess your posture and motions and give you feedback on how well you’re doing. To make use of this new feature, you’ll need a television with a video camera.

The television does not contain any sensors to track your fitness, but it can connect to your smartphone and/or wristwatch via the company’s health platform. All the information is displayed on a single dashboard. Rather than on the TV, the data is kept on the cloud.

“The entire goal of Samsung Health is to urge our customers to live better lives by meeting them wherever they are, across Samsung platforms,” stated Won-Jin Lee, Samsung Electronics’ Executive Vice President of Service Business, a few months ago.

“We recognised we needed to build a user-centric, immersive platform that offered a number of in-home fitness and health solutions to do this.” We hope that the launch of Samsung Health makes it easier for our customers to prioritize their physical and mental well-being on a daily basis, given the present atmosphere.

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