Samsung's Registration of the Galaxy Watch Logo is a Sign that the Company has Changed its Name

Samsung's Registration of the Galaxy Watch Logo is a Sign that the Company has Changed its Name

It is common knowledge that Samsung is currently developing a brand new smartwatch. Every few days, new rumors emerge, and now we have what appears to be confirmation that the company’s upcoming wearable device will be called the Galaxy Watch.

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The Smartwatches will be an upgraded version of the Samsung Gear S3, which was first introduced in the year 2016. In the realm of smartwatches, two years is a very long time, and we had anticipated that the Gear S4 would debut at some point in 2018. While it is clear that this is still a possibility, a patent application that the company filed on June 20 with the Korean Intellectual Property Office is for a device that is called the Samsung Galaxy Watch, not the Gear S4.

This is not the first time that the name has been brought to light; it was discovered by the Dutch website GalaxyClub. However, the patent application is the only thing that comes close to confirming this officially. With the new moniker, it would be easier for Samsung to include it in their already-established Galaxy product line. It’s also possible that this means Samsung is moving away from its own Tizen Platform and toward Wear OS, the operating system it used for its first smartwatch.

According to some more rumors, the Galaxy Watch will have a design that is both more compact and lighter in weight than its predecessor. In addition to the usual enhancements to the processor, RAM, and battery, it will boast an LTE connection.

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Additionally, enhancements will be made to the watch’s fitness capabilities, and there is even speculation that the wristwatch may be able to measure blood pressure. Because no one has yet been able to develop a gadget that monitors blood pressure continuously from the wrist, we can only speculate that this one will provide readings when they are requested. If Samsung has found a way to take readings continuously around the clock, exciting new things are likely to happen.

It’s possible that the Galaxy Watch will arrive in a little under a month. According to rumors, the release date will coincide with that of the Galaxy Note 9 and will take place at Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event. IFA, which takes place in Germany during the first week of September, is the alternative choice.

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