Say goodbye to location-based notifications on your Android, because Nearby has fallen victim to spam

If you did not know Android Nearby Notifications you will not miss it, although it will not hurt that you know the service of nearby notifications based on location that was present on your Android and that will die next December.

If you still do not know what the hell we are talking about, it will surely be easier to understand if we tell you that thanks to the beacons or beacons platform our devices could receive notifications about offers and alerts when approaching a store or restaurant , automatically and looking offer the user activities of interest that are around them.

However, it seems that Google has detected an abusive use of this service in the form of repeated notifications about irrelevant premises and spam, so it has decided to discontinue its support and leave Nearby at the end of this year 2018, specifically on December 6 and transparently to users.

In fact, you will not have to do anything and the only change you will notice is that you will never receive a close notification from any beacon again, and this service presented in the Google I / O 2015 as the perfect symbiosis between digital positioning and The physical world will stop emitting signals.

With much regret, Google says that it seems impossible to provide the user with a quality experience with this service, as spam and not very relevant notifications have grown too much and it is not easy to filter them only with methods such as the spam filter or improving the API available to developers:

Our goal was to provide relevant and interesting content to users, offering the most useful information about their environment proactively. The developers have used it for interesting purposes such as informing the user about the free Wi-Fi network available in some locations, offering museum guides or indicating bus or tram schedules at the stops.

Another service that goes to limbo, another one that seemed very interesting at its birth, although from paper to reality there is usually a long stretch from which not all applications are well stopped. Goodbye Nearby, I personally will not miss you ... And you?

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