ScanWatch Generates a Graph Showing Changes in Breathing Patterns and Oxygen Saturation Throughout Sleep

ScanWatch Generates a Graph Showing Changes in Breathing Patterns and Oxygen Saturation Throughout Sleep

Withings has released updated software for the app that runs on iOS-based smartphones. In version 5.3, ScanWatch now includes both a graph that displays respiratory disruptions and a graph that displays oxygen saturation levels during sleep.

The product is commercially available in Europe, but it is not yet available in the United States. This is due to the fact that the French organization is now awaiting approval from the relevant regulating authorities in order. There is high anticipation that the Smartwatch will soon be offered for sale in the United States of America.

According to the findings of our analysis, the primary strengths of ScanWatch lie in its ability to monitor health as well as activity and sleep. This watch is an excellent option for individuals who are interested in purchasing something that has the functions of a fitness tracker but does not appear to be one. for individuals who desire powerful health tracking but also something with a little bit of flair.

The most recent upgrade has made it even more useful. A new version of the software that runs the iOS Health Mate app has been released.

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What’s New About Version 5.3 of the Health Mate App for iOS?

To begin with, there are some improvements made to the beds. In the past, readings of blood oxygen saturation could only be taken when specifically requested. To accomplish this, open the SpO2 display on the device and then press the crown to trigger it.

Withings has made it possible to automatically monitor your oxygen saturation while you sleep. This is done at regular intervals of 30 minutes. The line graph representing this information will be available in the app in the morning, and you’ll also be able to access the average value. This means that the readings of your SpO2 that are displayed in the app will be separated into two categories: “Average While Awake” and “Average While Sleeping.”

The next post pertaining to sleep will focus on issues involving the respiratory system. In the past, you could only determine whether they fell into the low, moderate, or high category. Withings has improved this feature by adding a timeline chart, which depicts the exact times that disruptions occurred.

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Aside from the importance of sleep, GPS has also been given significant attention. To refresh your memory, the ScanWatch does not have a GPS receiver built-in, but it can link to your smartphone so that you may get readings.

Withings has received comments indicating that it was difficult to determine if the GPS was turned on or off when the user was exercising. Now, there is a separate icon for GPS tracking in the app for smartphones, which should make this clear.

The final upgrade that is included as a component of version 5.3 is improved compatibility with Apple Health. You can now import and export exercise information between the two, as well as import ECGs created with the Apple Watch to Health Mate. Additionally, Health Mate now supports importing ECGs made with the Apple Watch.

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