See.Sense ACE is an intelligent bike light that makes riding a bicycle significantly safer

See? The most recent advancements in artificial intelligence technology have been incorporated into the Sense ACE smart light, which also features a sleek and sophisticated design.

It was initiated on Kickstarter at the beginning of October and originates from a cycling technology firm in Northern Ireland known as Ace. According to the company, the new light is a more intelligent and wallet-friendly version of the Icon light that the company already sells.

See? The Sense ACE, which comes with 125 lumens, provides ample illumination for driving in all weather conditions. The light is loaded with sensors and artificial intelligence technology, which allows it to adapt its brightness and flash patterns to the individual riding style of each rider. It automatically responds to things like roundabouts, road junctions, traffic filtering in, and oncoming car headlights, among other things. According to the business, ACE lights do environmental monitoring at a rate of hundreds of times per second.

The portable device is equipped with a processing engine that has been improved to produce nearly half as much power as before, as well as modern digital signal processing. In addition to this, it has an ANT+ connection, which enables it to be controlled by bike computers made by Garmin.

The lights, much like everything else available in this day and age, come with an associated smartphone app. This gives you access to ride statistics, a social network, configurable flash patterns, intelligent power management, and theft alerts, among other features. This smart device will even alert your loved ones if you are involved in an accident, which is a tremendously helpful feature.

“ACE is an organization that we are extremely proud of! According to Philip McAleese, CEO and Co-founder of ACE, “ACE is the culmination of five years of research and development in addition to suggestions contributed by our riding community.”

“We’ve developed a bike light that features state-of-the-art technology at a price tag that makes it affordable for everybody.” We are really excited to partner with cities all around the world to help build the future of cycling infrastructure using data from our customers that has been totally anonymized. We are very passionate about assisting the worldwide cycling community, and we are especially excited about working with them.

ACE has a runtime of ten hours and can be mounted in a variety of ways, including being clipped to jerseys, aero posts, or backpacks. It also has the ability to be attached to panniers.

The company is well on its way to reaching its £30,000 objective with four days left to go. In point of fact, the Kickstarter campaign was fully financed less than four hours after it first went up. It is anticipated that backers will receive their smart lights in the summer of 2018.

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